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Well, after DD was born I felt that one was perfect. By the time she was five I was 100% certain I was happy with the way things were. She's 11 now. The older she gets, the more upsetting the thought of having another one becomes.
What a moron. My DD is 11 and STILL comes screaming to me when she sees a bug. She's terrified of them. And I still comfort her and kill the bug for her. I guess I better get my scissors too.
DD loves calamari too. I forgot about that. She also LOVES alligator.
Quote: Originally Posted by sarahmae1 I use a baby name book to name my Sims! :LOL I just open up and point, usually... When I bought the book DH asked what it was for since we aren't having any more kids. When I told him it was for my Sims he looked at me like I was crazy. :LOL
Heh, I just took DD sushi for lunch (she won't eat in the cafeteria). I know there's more because she never really cared for "kid" type food. She wouldn't touch macaroni, pudding, jello, etc... Oh she LOVES shrimp. She eats it as a snack. Tuna, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, onions, soy nuts, rice cakes.
Oh yeah. All the time. They are particularly fond of bothering me when I'm at the computer so I have lots of pics of that. Stripes learned that if I'm ignoring him, unplugging the computer gets my attention real fast. He actually figured out how to wrap his paws around the plug where it goes into the socket and uses his back legs to push off the wall. I used to have a pic of him doing it but I lost it when my comp crashed. Smokey just blocks the screen or...
That's a great idea, Mummoth. I feel kinda dumb for not even thinking of that.
Well, I decided to just let it be and the birdie seems to be cool with it. It's windy today and I hear the chimes banging around. I looked out there and the bird was just sitting in the nest swinging back and forth. :LOL
I am the Highway-Audioslave Crying-Joe Satriani The Whole Night Sky-Bruce Cockburn Tears in Heaven-Eric Clapton Angel-Sarah Mclachlan
1. Do you give your children an allowance? Yes. 2. Are there conditions? chores, good grades, etc. Yes, they have specific chores they are asked to do. 3. Do you restrict what they can buy? Do they have to put it in savings? Nope. They earned it, they can do what they want with it. I'd appreciate knowing why you choose to do it the way you do... We buy them everything they need, but we feel it's important for them to know that everything they WANT won't...
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