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No, no feeders. I was going to put a feeder out there after I saw the bird hanging around. I planned on taking the chimes down because they're old and faded and putting the feeder there. Today I went out to see if the hook looked sturdy enough for a feeder and that was when I discovered the nest. I recently started a container garden and I think the flowers may be what attracted it.
Thanks for the reply, Jenn. I don't think there are eggs in it. I can't imagine that they'd have STAYED in it with the way the wind has been blowing lately. I guess the birdie does know where it wants its nest, right?
I'm hoping someone can help me out here. Today I noticed that a hummingbird has built a nest on top of my windchimes. It gets REALLY windy here and the chimes bang around a lot so I'm worried about the nest. Should I try to anchor the chimes so they don't move so much or should I just leave it alone?
Quote: Originally Posted by lumi My oldest says I'm mean because I expect her to bathe regularly. I'm hoping it's just a phase. I'm mean for the same reason. At least that's what 11 yo DD thinks. She's been like this for about 3 years. Filthy child. She also thinks I'm mean because I won't let her take soda and candy to school for lunch like "all the other kids do".
I'm just gonna have to agree with everyone else. When DH first went into the navy he wasn't sure if he was going to make a career of it so DD and I stayed with my parents for about 2 years. It was very difficult. I wouldn't recommend it.
Ackkk!! NOOOOO!! DH is going to be so upset. Me, DH and DB love that show. We always go around saying things to each other like, "What did the five fingers say to the face?" It cracks us up.
My 11 year old loves anime, all things Japanese actually, video games, sci-fi books, Neopets, card collector games (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, etc...), wolves, drawing and writing stories. As for the Neopets, it's just a really fun site. There's the games (which is mostly what I do), the buying/selling/trading aspect, taking care of your pets and trying to get their levels up, etc... I actually started playing it myself 4 years ago. DD didn't get into it until about 2 years...
Quote: Originally Posted by MeredithsMom First, did you all see the Goo Behind the Music they used to run on VH-1? Ummm, only like EVERY TIME IT CAME ON. A few years ago I got one of those AOL trial cd's in the mail. It had a pic of the Goo Goo Dolls on it. On the cd it has their Sessions @ AOL, the Here is Gone video, interviews and a photo gallery. I still have the cd. :LOL
The cd in the one in the living room is the soundtrack from the IMAX movie "Wolves". The kids were listening to it. In my truck it's Audioslave.
I thought of another good mom one! You Can't Lose Me by Faith Hill "A little girl, a little small for her age A little too slow for the field day race Momma's waiting at the finish line And wipes the teardrops from her eyes She says, You did just fine, honey, that's okay Sometimes life's just that way You're gonna lose the race from time to time But you're always gonna find You can't lose me Bet your life I am here, and I will always be Just a wish...
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