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Yeah. When I start getting really annoyed I won't check here for a couple days. This is supposed to be fun, not irritating.
Why I keep reading here, I do not know. And this... Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyRED Then I squeezed it and all this white stuff that looked like cottage cheese burst out. has probably put me off cottage cheese for the next 6 months or so.
I made a Father's Day cd for DH last year. Most of the songs are about daughters. It has... In My Arms by Mark Wills (get a tissue for this one) There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney Then They Do by Trace Adkens In My Daughter's Eyes by Martina McBride She'll Go On You by Josh Turner Help Pour Out the Rain by Buddy Jewel Tough Little Boys by Gary Allan Grown Men Don't Cry by Tim McGraw Rope the Moon by John Michael Montgomery I Think About You by Colin...
Braces for DD.
I agree with, Pynki. If she's not responsible enough to hold onto the money, that's her problem not yours. But if you are feeling nice, I agree with the other ladies. Tell her you'll have to deduct the fee for stopping payment on the check (I'd personally deduct an extra few bucks for the inconvenience of having to put a stop on the check and write a new one). If she doesn't go for it, then tell her you can't do it and she'll just have to keep looking.
Not-so-Dear Bag Boy at the grocery store, I didn't appreciate you smashing my bread today. That wasn't cool. Also, sunglasses are to protect your eyes from the sun. Which, last time I checked, does not shine INSIDE the store. Perhaps if you took off the damn sunglasses you'd be able to see what you are doing and wouldn't smash my bread. Sunglasses inside are another thing that's not cool. You look like an idiot. Sincerely, The lady with the flat bread
Not really. I think it's just as likely that you can be walking around the store and someone will get fixated on you and stalk you. And I think the odds of that are MIGHTY slim.
We each have our own dresser and our own closet. He doesn't like to share with me because I'm disorganized and just stuff things in willy-nilly.
I love the Goo Goo Dolls and have the massive hots for Johnny Rzeznik.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeatherE My daughter was 10 when she started to want to shave. I talked to her about how it's perfectly acceptable NOT to shave at all, and that many women don't. However, she still wanted to so I let her. It's her body, kwim? I agree 100%. DD started being bothered by it at around age 9. I didn't let her shave because I felt she was too young. I tried to tell her it wasn't a big deal but she was so...
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