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Sometimes I'll make his favorite dinner. Or if I know he's had a hard day at work I'll make sure there are some cold beers ready for him. I'll pick up a video I know he wants to watch. He's a pretty simple guy.
Errrr, let us know how it goes. I just made an appt. to get contacts and a post like this makes me nervous. :LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by LoveMyLittles my husband makes me laugh in spite of myself. even when i'm trying like hell to be pissed at him. :LOL Heh, mine is the same way. I hate it almost as much as I love it. Sometimes I just want to be : for a little while. :LOL Sounds like some great guys!! More sharing!!
I really like this board but it's been a real downer lately. I was hoping we could get a nice, positive thread going. Last weekend both kids spent the night at friends houses. DH and I went out to dinner, he took me and bought me a birthday present (a really cute patio table with an umbrella and comfy chairs) and then we spent the rest of the night watching movies and enjoying each others company. I had the best time. It felt like we were teens again. He was...
That's so cool that he actually came to you and asked. Me and DH are raising my little brother (well, not so little anymore, he is now 17). He asks us and we supply them. When I told my best friend that she was shocked and thought it was weird. But she also told her 13 year old daughter that when she (the daughter) starts having sex, to just say her periods were really bad and she needed to be on the pill. She told her daughter she didn't want to know that she was...
I love.... climbing between clean sheets after a shower, laying in the hammock when there's a cool breeze, people playing with my hair I hate... DH rubbing the same spot on my body until it feels like he's rubbing my skin off, my body being wet and my hair being dry (it irritates me for some reason), the texture of bananas
Quote: Originally Posted by Jennifer Z You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means. :LOL I love that one. Whenever DH starts using a word incorrectly I'll say that to him.
Wow. Sounds pretty selfish to me. So basically she wants to turn you into a babysitter on a day you didn't want to deal with children AND she wants to make her kids just "tag along" while THEY (mom and dad) have fun? Weird. I'm also saying stick to your guns.
I Tivo'd it but haven't gotten the chance to watch it yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaBug I like books by Jodi Picoult I finished My Sister's Keeper at 3:00 am last night because I could NOT put it down. I woke my DH up with my .
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