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Quote: Originally Posted by twinkletoes i was just talking to my friend about her IUD yesterday and she was mentioning that the strings initially bother her dh, but that they seem to soften up pretty quickly. she's had 3 iud's now, and never had to cut the threads shorter. i'm curious how you are finding it, and how others find IUD's. i would love to get some fairly reliable contraception into our lives, two babies is enough for...
Yeah, we both checked afterwards and it was the string that was bothering him. The doc did tell me that she leaves the strings pretty long because while it can always be trimmed more if necessary, it can never be made longer.
American History X The Pianist
I actually JUST read an article in Muscle and Fitness Hers about Curves. The gist of the article was that it's not the best choice for regular exercisers but it's a good way to jump start a non-exercisers fitness program. Basically it's not challenging enough for serious long term results.
Quote: Originally Posted by katsam Has anyone seen the postman, truly a bad movie! : I liked it. Not as much as I liked Waterworld but I still enjoyed it. What can I say? I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic type movies and books.
Quote: Originally Posted by katt George Strait's: I Cross My Heart We didn't have a wedding song but I WANTED that to be it because that's our song.
Stripes and Smokey are the best. They are very friendly, lovable cats. They're great with kids. http://sabrinajl.com/kittypics/catpics That first pics is one of my daycare kids. Stripes is totally devoted to DD. Sleeps with her where ever she is. Can't stand it when she shuts her door. He also likes to keep me company. When I'm working out he has to be out there with me or he cries at the door. Whenever DH is watching tv he'll go and sit on his lap. Stripes is also an...
Thank you very much for the tips, armonia and skellebelle.
I just got one put in on Friday. When DH and I were having sex he could feel the strings and said it was very uncomfortable. I called the OB GYN and I was told that sometimes the strings crimp up after a while so your partner won't feel them as much, or I could come in and have them cut shorter. Did anyone else have this problem and what did you do?
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