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So they're pretty hard to kill? That's a requirement for any plant that may come under my care.
We live in military housing and aren't allowed to actually plant things in the yard so I'd really like to start a little patio garden. I've never gardened before and know nothing about it. What are good things that I can start off with? I live in the San Joaquin Valley and lots of things grow really well out here. Any tips would be appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gorzong We a cat that does that too. When we first got her she would try to suckle at our throats. My mom has a cat that does this. And he wasn't taken away from mama too early because she also has the mama cat. He's a strange cat though. Obnoxious too. His name is Jackie but everybody calls him Jackass.
Now that is comedy.
Quote: Originally Posted by kamilla626 I twitch whenever I hear people say "supposably". It's not even a word! It's supposedly. "Supposably" irks me too. Also, "supposively" and "irregardless". Quote: Originally Posted by kamilla626 "Hey guess what!" How many guesses do I get? I agree with this too. DH does this all the time. And I always start throwing out all kinds of stupid crap. "You won the...
I watched it but it was just ok. It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible. DH on the other hand loved it (of course he did, it was full of violence and gorgeous women).
DH and I are almost complete opposites. He's very conservative, I'm very liberal. He loves to watch tv and doesn't read at ALL, I wouldn't mind if we didn't own a tv and I read constantly. He's a morning person, I'm a night person. He's very athletic and outdoorsy, I think exercise is torment and would rather stay inside with a book. He listens to rock and metal, I listen to country and new age. He's totally anal about neatness, I'm a huge slob. I could go on and on...
Quote: Originally Posted by malibusunny i'm still a slob. my mom tried everything. it didn't help. some people just *are*. nothing in my house is particularly dirty (i'm a bit of a germ a phobe) but it honestly looks like a bomb went off in here most of the time. Me too. I just can't seem to get a handle on the clutter. It's everywhere. And when I try to deal with it I just feel overwhelmed. I wish I knew what to do. Fortunately,...
With my 17 yo bro, it seems to be easier for him to talk if we aren't face to face. So we'll go grab a McFlurry and drive around or he'll ask me to go for a walk with him. With DD (11) she likes to snuggle up in the hammock together with a book, ride bikes or play games (board and video).
Quote: What I'm talking about more are the people who *insist* on being called Miss Whatever and get kind've nasty if a kid calls them Whatever. You know. The kind that turn on the kid and say in an "I'm-gonna-kill-ya-with-sugarsweet" voice something like, "That's MISS Amy, honey!" A daycare provider that lived down the street from me was like that. I never really understood it. One of my kids called her K and she says "I do not like for children...
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