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Huh. I haven't had any trouble at all finding 9-12 month clothes. I did get most of them from garage sales, but a good bit was given to us new. (I think those came from Target, if that helps.) But yeah, I find it hard knowing what size clothes to put him in now that he's not being weighed every month! I just wait till he starts looking a little bit squished when I put him in something and then I put it away and move to the next size.
Oh, I'm not even getting 3 hours of sleep. He rouses every hour or two to nurse, but he doesn't wake all the way up, so I count it as sleeping as long as he's in bed. I feel your pain!
DS normally sleeps from about 8pm to 7am (11 hours though he does wake up to eat in there) and then has two 1 hour to 1.5 hour naps in the day (around 3 hours for naps). He's been right on track for amount of sleep in a day. But for the last week he's been sleeping in and getting almost 13 hours at night and then his naps are both displaced and way shorter than normal. If he sleeps super late I only do 1 nap, but it's still fairly short and he has to stretch longer...
Huh - I've pretty much always changed DS on a time schedule rather than checking to see if he's wet. (Unless he poops, then he gets changed right away.) Thinking about it, it makes more sense to check for wetness and change him then. Fortunately he's never gotten a rash from my timed methods, but maybe I'll switch anyway!
Just curious how often you change your LO's cloth diaper during the day. I have no idea if I'm "on track." Of course it changes with age, so say how old your LO is too. DS is 9 months and I'm changing his diaper about 5 times a day (unless he poops, then we get an extra in there.)
Ha! I was actually just coming to this board to ask if a bf woman's nipples stay "erect" forever after bfing. Now I know. I was kinda hoping the answer was that they'd smooth out again after a while. Oh well.
Okay, so I just felt my cervix for the first time since DS was born. Woah! I had seen drawings of what it's like before and after, but after looked just like before except the hole was more of a slit. My cervix felt all big and floppy with a hole the size of... an almond or something! I was so surprised! I'm assuming it's normal, but well, is it? Anyone else surprised too?
I was in the same boat just a few weeks ago! My solution is that I took the crib mattress (from the crib we bought and never used) and put it on the floor in our room. It's small, but I'm comfortable nursing DS to sleep on it and then I close the door so he can't crawl out and fall down the stairs or something. I put him there first thing at night too until I go to bed and then I bring him in with me. I'd love to have an extra twin mattress to put on the floor...
We have a pillowtop too and we just flipped the mattress over so the firmer bottom is on top. DS has slept in our bed since day one and at first I would keep him in my arm or on top of me, tummy to tummy, but now that he's bigger he's fine doing whatever.
My DS started the "army crawl" around 6 months and every once in a while could get up onto his hands and knees. He didn't really get the hang of hands and knees crawling until about 7.5 months.
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