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Just curious. I know mine won't for a long while, I'm sure, but I'm curious how common it is with any cosleeping babies. I know STTN shouldn't necessarily be expected of infants, but it seems even less likely when cosleeping. Thoughts? Anyone have one who does?
DS is almost 9 months and has always been fine with diaper changes until about a month ago when he really got mobile. He doesn't want to lay on his back when there are things to do and see! In the daytime I can manage it with toys, songs, and funny faces, but at night he just screams through the whole thing cause he's half-asleep and wanting to nurse on top of not liking getting his diaper changed in the first place. We cosleep and he nurses all night so I really feel...
DS is 8 months and still wakes frequently during the night (around every 1-2 hours), but I'm okay with that and figure he'll grow out of it eventually. My new concern though is for about the last week, starting around maybe 4/4:30 AM he'll wake and fuss and not really want to nurse (we co-sleep) but he'll usually settle right down if I roll him to the other side and latch on again. Fine, but then he keeps doing it every half hour or even 15 minutes until we wake up at 7....
No advice cause I'm in the same boat! DS thinks it's hilarious when I tell him "no biting" with my angry face. And he just got the top teeth too so now he can really take a bite! I've learned not to nurse when he's done eating and feeling silly to at least save my poor nipples. But also he kind of toned it down a bit on his own after a couple weeks of trying things out.
Thanks for the responses! It really is helpful to at least know I'm not the only one dealing with this! And it is encouraging to be reminded that this is a need for him at this point in his life and I can love him by filling it for him. DS used to have marathon nursing sessions before going to bed and I was totally fine with that. Now he's moved on to eating and then just sucking without getting the milk until he falls asleep. I don't mind this most of the time, but...
I've mostly just used the Baby Center website and found it helpful. They have a simple and clear milestones chart that I like.
DS is 5 months old and rarely goes to sleep without sucking on my breast. If he's really tired and we're out and about he'll usually go to sleep in a sling or in the car seat, but at home when it's time for a nap or bedtime he HAS to suck on me to fall asleep. Even after night feedings. We co-sleep so I generally nurse him and then lay him down for some side-lying nursing/sucking until he's sound asleep and then unlatch him. If I try to unlatch before he's really out...
I only ever experienced it from nursing, so I don't know if I have any helpful info. My nipples were fine while nursing, but it was the cold after unlatching that set them off. It may have been something with latch too because it took us a while to get it just right and now I don't get it any more.
I had some similar issues to you early on and did CST. We started 2 days after his birth and had 4 sessions total by the time he was maybe a month. Definitely safe. I'm not sure how much they helped and how much it was just a time and adjustment thing, but we're doing great now at 4 months.
I just want to share that DS and I couldn't figure out side-lying until just this last week. (4m) Now we love it! We lie on our sides facing each other and last night for the first time he went ahead and latched himself on in the middle of the night! I woke up with him eating and couldn't remember helping him!
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