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gfNana - there are two types of kefir grains -- water kefir and milk kefir. And they can't be interchanged.  I think you said you used yours with milk - maybe they were water grains?   (If its water kefir and it goes all thick its no good! I would strain the grains and try it again)   I've also heard that if you get powdered or dehydrated grains you have to make the batch 3 or more times to get it going.    I have some water kefir grains if you want. I have...
I would love to win these products! thank you.
I'm relatively new to TF too, so I don't have many ideas.  But I have heard about incorporating live fermented foods into the diet - and how this can reduce cravings for grains. They are very cheap to make your own, especially from your own garden!  (ie. sauerkraut, kimchi, single-vegetable ferments such as carrot-ginger). Not sure if your DS will be into those things! (I'm not sure, though, how fermented foods interact with caries once they are already formed on the...
thanks!  -- i think i will partially thaw it and put in separate bags and re-freeze.
I just bought a large-ish package of organic chicken liver - frozen.     I don't want to cook it all at once.  There is probably a very simple solution to this, but i can't quite figure it out!   should i make pate, liver and onions and something else all on one day? can i freeze the pate? or freeze the liver and onions?     I don't have much experience with liver (obviously) so I don't know which recipes I will like.   any suggestions?   thx
thanks for the info.   i probably won't make any right now, since i am super busy.   But I'm wondering how bad is it really to use the conventional red wine vinegar from the grocery store?   Like since its red wine vs a cheap balsamic made with carmel colour, etc.  
is it possible to buy unfiltered or raw red wine vinegar?   If I just want to use a little for flavouring here and there, can I just use regular red wine vinegar instead of raw apple cider vinegar? ie. how bad is the conventional stuff??   thx.
thanks for this info erthe_mama.   I am curious - would this mean no checking at all during labour for what the dilation is at any given time?   (I had minimal checking with my first, which was great.  And when it was time to push, there was no checking needed, the other signs were obvious:)      
heavensearth  or erthe_mama -- what is the difference between encapsulation and tincture?    which did you choose?   thx.
NewMumJoy,   I think its common here for a woman to see her family doctor until she gets on with an OB.  But depending on the situation it might be awhile until she gets to see an OB. (Not sure about 'high risk' pregnancies, though.)  I don't know how many people have family doctors that do births as well.  I haven't heard of any, actually.
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