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I showed my 5 year old DS videos of waterbirth, he was totally into it. We found one book at the library that was about homebirth, I can't think of the name right now. As it turns out my labor didn't kick into high gear until after I put the kids to bed, so when baby was crowning I barely remembered to yell to someone to wake up the kids.
I would meet her first, and if it seems like it would work, go for it! With the expectation of course that if she is annoying you can kick her out But yeah, I would do it as a teaching experience for sure.
I know that this happens in most circs, and I still get sick when it comes up. I just don't understand how anyone could think that slicing off ANYTHING from a baby doesn't hurt them. I just can't wrap my head around it. The idea of my dh as a 2 day old baby having this done to him is like a punch in the gut. And yes, not to be all tin foil hat, but if the foreskin is being sold off to a cosmetic or pharmaceutical company (it's used in making skin graft material -...
Quote: Originally Posted by Climbergirl Thanks for the info! I think I will be sending an email to everyone with this info so they will know before coming to help out. It sounds simple enough. Is there a nice way to do that to a bunch of people who did not make this decision without making them feel bad about their decision? I want them to respect this decision, but that means I also have to respect theirs. This is obviously just my...
I telecommute and want to go back into the the office one morning a week from 8:30-noon. I'd love to find another mom to share child care with - you watch mine, I'll watch yours. It's worth a shot! I'm near Fresh Pond, if you are in the Watertown/Belmont/Arlington/Fresh Pond area PM me for a more specific location and to chat and see if we might be able to work this out. My baby is 5 months old, it would just be her as my other two are in school.
Quote: Originally Posted by busybusymomma I really like having a submersible utility pump... just hook the hose to it, put the other end of the hose in a bathtub, toilet or out a window, stick the pump into the water and plug 'er in. \. That's what we did. We had basement flooding last spring and happened to have several submersible pumps laying around so we used one, it drained in minutes.
Quote: My concern is what happens if you need to transfer to a hospital? Who takes over since the HB midwives aren't affiliated with them? Did anyone keep going to their medically affiliated midwife while still seeing a HB midwife? If you need to transfer to a hospital, you would get whatever OB or MW (most likely OB) was on duty at that time. Much like a planned hospital birth (I had two, one with an OB and one with a MW, and I had never met either...
Quote: Originally Posted by hakunangovi My response to that line of reasoning is : " How often to you expect father and son to be sitting around comparing their penii ??" This drives me CRAZY. When I first had the conversation with DH 6 years ago, he halfheartedly made this argument. We didn't circ (over my dead body, and he was easy to convince) and he later found out his dad wasn't cut (dh is). So he was different than his dad and never even...
Yes, my older two both did 3-5 hour stretches (developmental milestones, growth spurts, and teething all factored in) and my youngest (5 months) regularly sleeps 4-6 hour stretches at night with no nursing.
I tried not to get too preachy about it, but when I was asked why, I fell back to my 2nd child's birth - we were in and out of the hospital in 10 hours, there was no point in being there, and I didn't feel like fighting with hospital policy. If that prompted more conversation, I got into the politics and safety but otherwise, I left it at that.
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