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My 8 week old is a once a day pooper at best. She's on day 3 too, we had a check up today and ped said 6-7 days is when they start to get concerned.
Here are more pics, with squash/corn/bean bed: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/...6515079&ref=mf
Quote: Originally Posted by HeatherAtHome Ok, I hate to admit it but we had a stretch of hot weather with no rain for about 6-8 days and I didn't water the garden. It flourished. Maybe it would have grown better with the water but overall it seemed to like the heat. Towards the end I almost gave in but saw we were having a big rain that night. We don't have an outdoor hose yet (DH is supposed to put it in sometime...) and out garden is pretty far from...
OMG, that's not a pregnancy thing, I would be crying with fury if that happened to me. I'm so sorry that happened Can you talk to your landlord about NOT having gardeners come? Tell him you'll take care of the yard? That's so crappy. I have no idea about how long to wait to go out there. Maybe after a good rain? Ugh. I would be so livid, I'm so sorry.
Amy, no, we can reach the middle fine (it's the strawberry patch so that makes it easier). We do a lot of succession planting and a lot of companion planting. The one thing we need to be diligent about is compost side dressing, because we are planting so densely that we will likely deplete the soil very quickly if we don't. We get a fish CSA with whole fish, so we have the "trimmings" from fish to compost, which is worth it's weight in gold for compost!! Our...
Sort of. We modify it, but essentially yes, we do square foot gardening. I love it so far, I'll let you know how it worked out at the end of the season pictures here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Urb...515079?ref=sgm
Quote: Originally Posted by ejg123 Does anyone happen to know the exact reason CNMs cannot/will not perform home births? I assume it is an insurance thing? Because hospitals don't make any money off home births, insurance companies make less on home births, and ACOG has lots of lobbying $$.
We don't go anywhere. We have been much hotter than normal, and the garden is flourishing. We are watering a lot, mostly from collected rain barrels. We have a sprinkler system but haven't ever used it. Last year was cold and rainy through july so it's nice to finally have a god growing season this year.
Excellent, thanks for the reading material! We JUST started ours so it's light on content, and we're still playing with all the layouts and stuff, but it's www.urbivores.net. and our facebook page I read http://www.homegrown.org http://www.bostonlocalvores.org http://www.urbanhomesteadersleague.org/blog/ http://www.selfsufficientish.com/ and of course Path to Freedom, I love the Dervaes!!
I have breastfed exclusively for 5-7 months with both my other two, and this one is also exclusively breastfed. Not one of them would take a pacifier. And trust me, I've tried with this one, because she HATES HATES HATES the car with a fiery burning passion. But yeah, if she'd take a pacifier? I'd totally give her one.
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