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Not sure if you found one yet, but Garden Pediatrics is a great practice, we go there.  Otherwise, anyone still having meet ups?  We are in Yucaipa.
I use quicken as well!  It works great and provides categories (you can create them too) and even has a budget worksheet if you choose to use it.  Every time I start it, a pie chart shows how much you spent in each category as well as listing the amount on the side so you know.  It really helps!  We tried the envelope bit, but I felt uncomfortable having that much cash in the house.  I do withdraw for tithe though.
  I can't even squeeze out a drop (only 26 weeks).  I'm not worried...I never leaked during my pregnancy with DS but apparently had an abundant supply, especially when my milk actually came in a couple days later.    
I wonder if it would help with D-MER.  I had that issue with DS and I hear once you have it, it will follow with following breastfeeding experiences.  I ended up stopping on the 6th day after birth because it got so bad and I hated how depressed and resentful I got when he latched on and started eating.  I'm hoping it won't happen this time, but I won't hesitate to switch to formula if it does.  It was a truly horrible feeling.
I'm wondering the same thing.
Is there a difference between Traditional Medicine and Yogi RRL tea?  I just prefer buying bagged tea.  Also, would combining a pregnancy tea with the RRL tea make too high a dose of RRL tea?
Oh, ok.  I don't have to say anything or verbalize it, but my DS seems to feed off my emotions even if it's just in my face and I'm not verbalizing it.  But singing loud and moving with it would be much different, I could seem him just running out and saying "silly."  
Wow, that is amazing!  My DH might not get to be there for this birth so I know how work can really make things complicated sometimes...So your daughter didn't freak out at all?  My DS is so emotional I could see him freaking out at me in pain.
I live in Watertown.  I've contacted Meredith at the CNY Midwifery, but I couldn't afford her. 
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