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Sophie the Giraffe! I am making my baby a treasure basket for christmas.
I am incredibly lucky that I have a baby who just LOVES to be read to . He will be 4 months old on Wednesday and I have been reading books to him since he was about 6 weeks old. I try to make an effort to sit down and read to him at least once a day, and we will read a pile of 5-6 books. His favourites are anything from the 'Thats not my....' books. Peepo (heres a little baby 1,2,3....) 5 Little Ducks Time for bed (a sweet little rhyming story about all the...
Just a little update. DS is 9 weeks old now and smiles ALL THE TIME he is such a happy smiley baby, and I am such a happy mama
My baby is 7 weeks old today and is not socially smiling yet. He smiles in his sleep, and he smiles when he is breast feeding, but not social as a response, and I am a starting to get worried. He also does not make much eye contact, and is always looking past me and is much more interested in his surroundings.
I have a bamboo belly bandit and I hate it with a passion!!!
I painted my babys feet and printed them on a coffee mug
I had mine encapsulated, I got them 5 days PP, and from day 3 through to day 6 I was VERY weepy, I am on day 7 now, and started taking the pills very late in the evening (about 10pm) on day 5, and by mid day day 6 was feeling pretty amazing. The difference has been like night and day for me, and I truely believe I would be heading to PPD if it wasn't for the placenta pills. I have been recommended to take 1 at a time, a maximum of 3 x a day for the first 6 weeks, then...
Labour started at 3am on Saturday – contractions where very mild and about 7 minutes apart, so I got up and went and dozed on the sofa in the lounge between contractions. Between 3am and 4am I had a couple of bouts of diarrhea and threw up. At 4.30am the contractions started to get a bit more intense, and I had a bloody show. I was very excited at this point as I knew that this was finally the ‘real thing’ (I had had 10hrs of contractions one night the week...
My gorgeous baby boy Teddy (Edward) Warren arrived at mid-day on Saturday 29th May, after an easy 9 hour labour. Unfortunately I lost my home birth, as there was meconium in the waters and I had to be transferred to the hospital by ambulance at full dialation, but I am at peace with his birth and it all worked out for the best in the end. Exactly 8lbs, 20.5 Inches long, champion nurser. I am so in love . Birth Story and pics to follow.
My baby is not here just yet, so I can not speak from a btdt experience, but I gave up all dairy four weeks ago, as my husband has a dairy intolerance, so I am guessing it is likely the baby will have this as well. I have given up all butter, milk cheese etc and avoid all hidden dairy in bread, baked goods, sauces, pesto's etc (it's not alway easy, there is milk or milk proteins in soooo many things!) I avoid any other kind of animal milk also. I am keeping up my...
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