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Hi, I am also due in 3 weeks, and have struggled this whole pregnancy to keep my iron level up - I have managed to bump it to its highest level at 11.8 after taking 20mls Floradix a day for the last 20 weeks, cutting out all caffine and having fruit and vege high in Vit C along with any iron containing foods. I also worry about how I will be postpartrum, and just don't feel I can stop taking a supplement.
Wahoo!!! After 2 weeks of hanging upside down off the couch, walking for at least 1 solid hour everyday + lots of sitting on the yoga ball, and sitting with hips higher than knees etc, my midwife confirmed for me today that my baby is HEAD DOWN
I am ready as in I have all his clothes, nappies, prams etc (all except his cot!!!) but emotionally, I am so not ready to have him outside of me!!!! I am really going to miss being pregnant after he is born, as weird as that sounds. I am hoping he comes late, as am just now ready for an early baby!!!
CONGRATULATIONS that is such wonderful news Mama, and she is just beautiful!!! I am one week behind you (just short of 34 weeks) and it is so amazing to see pictures of your new baby, and know that that is what my baby will look like in a weeks time.... so truely incredible!!!
Oh Tenk, I know I have never replied to any of your other posts, but I have followed your story all the way through. My heart is just absolutely breaking for you and your sweet little Lilah, I am crying having read your latest update. You are an absolute inspiration, and you have been doing incredible things for you little one with all of the milk you have been pumping for her. It must be so unbelievably hard to leave her each day and go home - and I am just so sad to...
I just always make sure I have eatten a good breakfast, and drink plenty of water before my midwife appointments, so no you don't need to do anything differently diet wise.
Basic midwife check up in the UK consists of a urine sample to check for sugars/protein in the urine. Blood pressure, checking for movement and position of baby, measuring fundal height, and 'listening in' to baby's heart rate with a hand held doppler. It may vary slightly from hospital to hospital, but I am 32 weeks pregnant with my first, and this has been my experience of the standard routine on the NHS so far.
Wow I can't believe how many of us there are with naughty little traversing babies!!! Not that I wish any of you other Mama's the discomfort, but I do find solice in knowing that I am not alone! I had my 32 week checkup with my GP yesterday, who confirmed the babys position. I have been doing one of the inversion off the 'spinning babies' site, so far to no avail, but I will keep it up in the hope that my little monkey will turn! I am doing a birthing class with Janet...
Thanks for your reply mamaspirit. I had never heard of morning sickness returning in the 3rd trimester.... it seems like it is a running trend for me in pregnancy though! I have recently started getting painfull braxton hics, and I swear mother nature is so cruel to let me have 'morning sickness' and braxton hics in the same trimeter let alone in the same day! Despite all of this I have to say I just LOVE being pregnant!!!
I am 31 weeks + 5. At the beginning of the week my baby, who had been in the 'head down' positon since my last scan at 28 weeks, has suddenly decided to lie traverse, with his head on my right side. Not only has he turned into this position, he is moving almost consantly, stretching out his limbs, and I am finding this incredibly uncomfortable, and it has been very disruptive to my sleep. Since the beginning of this week my 'morning sickness' has also begun again...
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