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Looks like we do have chicken pox! At first it seemed like she was only going to get the few blisters on her face and it was going to pass quickly but we have 2 new pox on her arm tonight. I know this is bad timing with Thanksgiving and all but I would be willing to meet up with mamas on Fri or Sat
Possible Pox in Shelton Wa (45 min from oly, 1 hr from bremerton/silverdale areas) should know more soon. DD developed an itchy red rash on her body that didn't really raise my eyebrows but when she got blisters on her face tonight that did catch my attention. Will assess in the morning and post an update. Crosses Fingers!!
Quote: Originally Posted by littlec Does anyone know why that happens? I give DD tylenol or motrin when she has a high fever (102ish)- should I not? Is there anything else I can do to help her fever- or is it not even something to worry about. (sorry, I know this is off topic..if someone would message me with the info or something, I would really appreciate it!) I don't typically worry much over fevers, it's the bodies way of fighting off...
Thank you Krista! I have been reading up a lot on the area and I have fallen madly deeply in love with it. I so wish I culd fast forward two years and be there now!
Glad to hear there is a crunchy community It does help to know the majority go for the hospital birth which gives me an idea of which direction to go with my certification while still also being able to work in the natural birth/home birth groups as well. Dual or even triple certification here i come LOL
Hi mamas! I am trying to get a feel for the area ( am a Carolina girl south not north but all Carolina is my home!). I won't be moving to the area until summer 2012 if all goes as plans BUT I am about to start by childbirth educator training. If I was staying in this area of WA I know exactly which certifier I would go through but I am not as certain when it comes to the Triangle area. What is the birthing community at large like? Is homebirth and/or natural birth (even...
Hi Mama's My sister is having her second baby in a few months and is wanting to do things differently this time around (yay!!) She is low income and having a hard time finding low cost but effective birthing classes and there seems to be only 1 doula listed for Chas on the dona site and she wasn't very helpful according to my sister. Would love some info on where to find a doula and classes for her so she can have the birth experience she wants and deserves! TIA
What a wonderful story Beth! I am so happy you had the birth you have been wanting! Beautiful
Quote: Originally Posted by Juvysen from your link: Umm... the CDC is claiming 10,000... so does that mean there's only been 2,200 in the rest of the world? And if so... how is this not screaming to the CDC (uh, or the general population) that the US is handling the situation VERY wrong? I mean, from that link, CHINA (with it's some, 2 BILLION citizens?) claims only 659 swine flu deaths in 2009... maybe something's not adding up here... So, is...
why is this so hard to find? I can find articles referencing ingredients but I can't find the actual ingredient list. Searched the heck out of this forum thinking surely it's got to be here, but if it is it's lost in some really long threads. someone i know who works at the cdc claims this vaccine is thimerasol free, i want to see actual proof this is true or not as frankly i don't believe it.
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