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I second a lot of what 2littlebirds said!   I had two natural births, one in a hospital and one at home. For the hospital birth, I had a doula and I highly recommend finding one that you mesh with and can support you. Especially if there is a chance your husband might be deployed! Having advocate during labor and birth really helped me!   And reading! Ina May Gaskin, Henci Goer, etc
So, I had a wonderful home birth with my second son in March...bleeding stopped around 6 weeks pp.   Starting at about 10 week pp onward, I have been having menstrual like cramping and mild spotting every two-three weeks. The spotting only lasts 2-3 days, but the cramping lasts for a week or so. (Basically, I am just cramping almost all the time...)   Is this just my cycle trying to regulate itself? Anyone have a similar experience? Just trying to figure out if...
I was worried about this too, since my son still has me up 3-4 + times a night. But, so far my temps seem "normal"...so hopefully it will be fine! I've only been charting for a month, so I can't say for sure. But I am in the same boat!
I'm curious to hear responses too.... though # 2 is pretty far in the future...if ever!
I remember that feeling...of wanting a baby but knowing it's not the best time. I got pregnant when I was a junior in college. It was really, really hard. Even if the university is family friendly, it's really hard! My grades were a lot lower than usual because I missed class due to morning sickness/fatigue. I was stared at everywhere I went. I had to rush out of class to puke...I had to walk all over campus when it was 100 + degrees and I was HUGE. It's been...
We have been attempting to give our EBF 5 month old a bottle. He takes the bottle, and actually likes it. But, he isn't drinking it. The same amount is left in as when we gave it to him. Any pointers or ideas? Or is he just never going to take a bottle?
My son is 5 months old, still EBF. I had my first PP AF about six weeks ago, but no second one yet.. I've had crazy cramping essentially since he was born. It's driving me insane... I don't know what to do... How have you ladies' AF changed ? How do you deal with the irregularity? Should I be concerned that something might be wrong? Thanks ladies! Happy holidays!
3 days exactly! But at 41 weeks, I guess it could have just been time..
Quote: And I am STAYING AWAY from the TTC/fertility/pregnancy sections of MDC (and all other discussions of TTC/fertility/pregnancy both online and IRL) because I'm certain that indulging even once or twice could send the "...waiting" part of my "wanting..." right off a cliff. me too...it's awful. DH and I are bumping our date up! For us, there is no point in waiting. So we will be TTC July 2010...! Good things are worth waiting for....
Not long; maybe two weeks... We just tried to keep to ourselves a bit when we were out.
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