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My 6 yr old likes LEGOs, Disney figurines (but he's a Disney freak haha), and train sets indoors. Outside, he likes the slip n slide, sprinkler, and our swingset. Maybe some playground balls to play with outside? Sidewalk chalk. Crayons, coloring books, paint. Play-doh. Food - my 6 yr old will eat ANYTHING! haha. Seriously. So I guess it just depends on what he is used to eating.
We have bunkie boards on our sons bunkbeds. We bought the bunkie boards at Rooms To Go with their bed and we got their mattresses at Sams.
My grandmother says the same thing to my children. However, we live 30 minutes away and they see her every Sunday when we pick her up for church. HAHA. I think maybe its a grandma thing? Maybe that older generation, something that was frequently used with kids? IDK
My son did the same thing last year when he started K. I pulled him out after 1 month. We homeschooled and now he is doing great. He just doesn't get along with "school". He does, however, LOVE Sunday School at church haha.
Don't worry too much mama. I've had 2 kids do the same thing. Both of them have fine teeth now... One has adult teeth and one has his baby teeth still. Neither of mine had any swelling. Had there been swelling I would have probably taken them to the dentist. So try not to worry until tomorrow. I'm betting the dentist will give you good news.
Mine has been the same exact way. He was born 8/7 and since last Saturday has been doing the same exact thing... Not taking long naps (but my older ones may be waking him - but before he was able to sleep through the chaos) and nursing allll day long. However, he doesn't nurse much at night - only up once. I'm thinking sometime in the next couple of days we will be back to normal. I don't really remember my other kids growth spurts lasting this long? But my 6 year old is...
Ahh yeah, and apparently I thought you meant to MOVE to FL. hahaha. But yeah, St. Augustine is great place to visit. All sorts of fun history.
There is a large "crunchy" network of people in Jacksonville. Playgroups, E-mail groups, Homeschooling groups, API, a lot of babywearers... Ummm we have amazing midwives. There are a few peds who are okay with delayed/no vax. Like only 3 peds, but thats better than nothing haha. Ummm we have awesome beaches. St Augustine is at our doorstep. St. Augustine is great place to homeschool.
Absolutely! I've had 2 babies on Medicaid through Fruitful Vine.
Hi. I'm Tiffany. I'm Irish, English and Scottish. My husband, Donald, is Polish and Mexican. We have a full spectrum of colors. 3 of our boys have the darker skin tone. And 1 son and our daughter are both as pale as can be. We have brown hair, blonde hair, and a mix of blonde and red. We have brown eyes, green eyes and bright blue eyes.
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