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I'm in!  No more travel plans and our computer woes are over so I can post ON TIME finally! 
FINALLY got all of viruses off our computer and can post again!  139 this am.  (yay!)  Slacked over the weekend but back to kicking my butt this am :)    Trying to eat much cleaner (no more Lean Cuisines and the like for lunch) and cook at home more.   Weight training hard
Hi everyone!  Back from Florida and getting back into routines here.  The good news 140!!!  My goal is to break into the 130s by next week :)  (ultimate goal is to have lost all of the extra weight and be in really good shape by our trip at the end of April/for my 42nd birthday)   Sorry I missed weigh-in last week - as I mentioned before I left, no scale or internet access at my parent's vacation place.  I'm in for every Monday for here on in!
I am beyond stressed trying to pack for myself and the kids and board the dog, arrange for cat sitting and generally get ready for a trip to FL tomorrow.  (I'm always excited once we get in the car to go, it's the organization and packing that make me slightly panicky.)   (PS, in a related First World Problem, I gained a ton of weight this year, so nothing fits.  I have no ever-loving CLUE what to pack for myself.  )
Thanks ladies.  My resolve is strengthened.  I'm packing some, doing laundry and trying to get organized to leave for our trip.  I'm heading to the gym mid am and am planning on a lean dinner and packing healthy snacks for the trip. 
Our computer is down, but my weight is up 144. I'm leaving Sat and won't be able to weigh in Monday, but we're staying with my parents and my mom and I do hour and a half power walks daily, I'm bringing my Sensa for dinners out, and we eat breakfast and lunch at their house and she and I are both working on it. I'll weigh in as soon as we get back!(sorry for missing next Monday!)
I weighed in yesterday but forgot to report!  142.5  (2 back to holiday parties didn't help!!)
I'm in, I have finally buckled down and have been consistent with my workouts and eating habits.   My start:   142.8
Our Elf ("Birdie") is boring.  He just moves to different places every night and the kids have fun finding him when they get up.  He's not a narc, though, just a fun Christmas thing that visits each December (although, he never arrives on the same day and starting Dec. 1 the kids are excited every day to open the front door and see if he's waiting on the front step.  I put him in a shoe box with a blanket and "trimmed" with pine branches to make it look Christmassy -...
I'm in!  Finally getting really serious about taking this weight off.  Weekend  - rest (worked out all last week)   Monday:  60 min cardio                 25 minutes lifting                ________________   85 total today - but so beautiful out I'm going for a power walk with my neighbor after lunch before the kids get off the bus :)
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