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Hi ladies :)   I'm looking for a HB midwife in SC--Charleston area or thereabouts. Can anyone please offer some recs or reviews? Thank you!
Hey Mamas!   I have recently relocated to SC and am looking for information on providers who are natural birth friendly. I am interested in the Columbia area as that is not too far.   My first 2 kids were born in hospitals, and my last 2 were born at home. I would like information on ALL kinds--midwives and doctors (CPM, CNM, OB) as I'd like to explore all options. :)   Also, what is the most natural birth friendly hospital to deliver at in Columbia?   Thank...
Hi ladies! I am needing referrals for a doula in St. Louis. I am specifically needing a doula or doula in training who would be willing to work for around $300-$350. We are doing cash pay with our doctor and hospital, and we just don't have much left over.    I know it's not much, but does anyone know a doula who'd be willing to help me?   Thanks!   Oh, please pm me with contact info.
Just getting into this wool thing... I am loving the handmade ones I find on Etsy stores, but will they work as well as the fancier brands? Anyone who has a favorite Etsy store for wool covers or longies...please share!
Thanks everyone! I'm really new at this, but I'm sure it will all work out in the end. Yay for cloth diapers!
Why yes! She does have some cute chubby legs, and that seems to make the fit a bit harder. I do plan on making it work, but I wish there were more cloth diaper high rise options. I think it's mainly my own personal hang-up AND the fact that this is my third child but my first to cloth diaper. I'm just not used to the difference in fit.
So, in my stash I have Rumparooz and BG (all are OS). My child is 6 months and weighs 14ish pounds. I really want to CD for the long haul, but even now at 6 months I have the diapers on their biggest settings. I guess this is because I like a high rise? I want the diaper to come up to the bellybutton, and so the only way to achieve this is to unsnap all the way. My question is this: HOW are these diapers supposed to last until toddlerhood?Does it just magically...
Can someone tell me where I can find places to get raw milk in the St. Louis area? PM me if you need to. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by happyhats Has anyone worked with or known someone that has worked with Dana Albillo? I'm very excited about using her, as she is open to vbac patients and to coming two hours out on the Missouri side ( I live in Sullivan, btw, so it's been especially hard finding someone that leans toward natural/vbac care. I have used Dana for a homebirth. Feel free to PM me for more info. Look forward to chatting with you!
I am aware of Dana, but I want options. I KNOW there are other midwives who are practicing but not yet certified. I *think* I might know of one, but I'm not sure, and the whole secrecy thing here in St. Louis is so annoying...I have no idea who to go to about this. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks!
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