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We have a tiny house with very tiny bedrooms. We were finally able to do an addition so that our baby girl will be out of our room ....eventually....she is 1 and is no where near ready, but one day. Anyway, the other 2 (girl 8 and boy 6) have their own rooms that are enough for a twin size bed and one small dresser in each room. The new room is still going to be small, but will be larger enough that it will be noticeable. Should I give my DD (8 yrs old) the option...
  I kind of do blw with all of my babies. No purees and give real food (just tiny pieces of what ever we are eating on their tray). I wish I could be so chill about the big chunks. It's just one of those things I can't get over.    
The funny part is that this is my 3rd baby and I've been the same way about all of them. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who cuts the food up so small. Good idea about youtube. Thanks  
It could have been the tylenol that relieved the pain, and the infection could have cleared up itself. The problem with giving the antibiotics to soon is that you don't know if it went away naturally or if was in fact the antibiotics. A lot of times people think the drugs are what worked when the illness was actually on it's way out and it just had to run its course.  
From my experience with 3 babes, they can take sometimes up to 3 weeks to clear from a cold. They don't know how to blow their nose or cough up mucous, so it lingers for longer. They also have a brand new immune system that is practicing.   My DD 12 months has had 2 colds that she caught from the big kids. They were over them in a week and it took her 2-3 weeks to be boogie free.   Why is your baby on a nebulizer? Does she have asthma?    
If she is not in pain that is a good sign. I don't understand why the ped gave you the rx already. Was it discovered at a well check or did you go the dr. because the baby is sick?   Is it possible for you to go to another ped for a 2nd opinion?    
Training to act in accordance with rules is Dictionary.com's definition. I have no problem with that one. It's how we go about the teaching/training. Discipline to me means doing my job to ensure the best success of my children's behavior possible for their age/ capabilities. It doesn't mean punishment. Sometimes there are cause and effect consequences that come naturally or that I have to come up with. As far as manners go..... that's a biggie. How we treat...
If they are in the mood. I could care less though. I'm not going to make them put one on when I barely ever wear a bra.
None of my kids are vaxed and no way would my ped say that. He would say to bring the baby back in two days before ever resorting to antibiotics. I use mullein oil or garlic to help with ear pain and I'd even give ibuprofen or tylenol if the baby is expressing a lot of pain. Does the baby have a fever or  symptoms?
I watch like a hawk and have a terrible fear of it. She only has 6 teeth and doesn't chew anything. She just sucks on it like she is nursing on it. She is 12 months and barely eats anyway, but I'm offering 3 times a day and she just plays around with the food mostly. When she does eat, I stay riveted to her while she is tasting her food. I can never relax when she is eating. I know a child who choked and the father did the heimlick, but if he didnt notice she was...
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