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I was due 2/28 and I'm still waiting.  The midwives are giving me until 41 weeks and 6 days to go into labor on my own and then I would need to be induced.  I'm a little depressed about the threat of induction.  I honestly feel like she'll come when she is meant to come. 
I like Bravado.  It is pricey, but well worth it IMO.  I have the seamless one, and it is the most comfy one I have tried.  For sleep bras, I like the Majamas Easy Bra (altho, the sizing is a bit odd, you have to read the reviews to determine your size) .  I wear an XL in the Majamas and a medium in the Bravado.
For some reason, I get more and more terrified of labor each time.  This is my 4th, and my first 3 were very painful labors with lots of back labor pain.  I am 40weeks and 3 days today, and feeling terrified of labor.  Can anyone list out some books or links that are inspiring and will help my fear?    It doesn't help that people keep asking me when the baby is coming (how annoying!).  I feel like I am the only one around here that does not schedule my delivery.  People...
I'm 37 weeks and feeling similarly.  About a month ago, I developed an inguinal hernia on one side of my groin.  I have that, plus some really uncomfortable varicose veins, horrible heartburn, and swelling in my legs.  I feel so round that it is hard to move.  I have gained 25 lbs, but it feels like more.  I'm really looking forward to being done!    We're getting there, though, ladies!  It won't be too much longer. 
I wish I had thought ahead and did the probiotics.  I didn't really think I would test positive, though, this is my 4th baby and I have always tested negative.  It was positive this time.  I asked if I could retest but they won't let me, and now they are making me stay in the hospital for 48 hours afterwards to observe the baby.  I am birthing at a birth center that is across the street from the hospital, but it is not freestanding, so it is subject to the hospital's...
With my 2nd, I walked around 4cm dilated for almost 3 weeks.  I thought being 4cm would mean labor was imminent and would be fast.  Neither was true.  Her labor lasted 14 hours.  We had a homebirth, I went grocery shopping in early labor and cleaned the entire house.   I checked myself the other day because my husband was going out of town for work and I'd been having contractions.  I was the same as I was a couple of weeks ago (2-3 cm and 50% effaced).  The head is...
One question - have you gotten them yet? Any idea where they are made?
Great price CJcrafty!  Thanks for posting.
I've always done this prior to having a baby.  But, now, with my 4th coming soon.... I'm going a bit crazy thinking I will be so busy and without much help after.  I would love to hear ideas of freezable meals (even recipes!)   So far, I am freezing the following -   Chicken pot pie Chili Banana Bread Baked Ziti Unbaked Challah Bread dough Unbaked dinner rolls Cookie dough  
mattie - we must be on the same wavelength, I didn't even see your post until you mentioned it.  Tell your DH to calm down, it will be fine.  It is not common for your water to break before labor. 
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