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Wow, I feel huge compared to some of you mamas. This is 22 weeks, 1 day w/ baby #3.
I'm on Synthroid (100mcg currently) and have my levels tested every 6-8 weeks during pregnancy. My OB also wants me on the brand name during pregnancy because she says it is more stable and keeps the levels more even. No other big issues with it other than adjusting my dosages up/down as needed asap.
hmm..my whole post dissappeared...   Anyway. How is Zahra pronounced in Persian?  I love the name, by the way ;)  My Zara is pronounced like the English Sara. But we are always correcting people that say Sara or Zahra (kind of like Laura..not sure how to write it out)     As far as this little one. DH loves the name Maia but we want it pronounced My-a. Any other alternative spellings? I'm not liking Maya that much....
    The epidural block worked a little. Now the pain is only in my hip and from my knee down...it skips my hamstring/upper leg area LOL   I think we've decided on a name! DH LOVES the name Maia. We want it pronounced my-a though so I'm not sure on the spelling. Any other suggestions?   Come on ladies...any other questions??? I'm so bored and am on partial bed rest because of the pain.  
karen- yay! It's my turn :D   how are you feeling? Not very well actually :(  I have had really bad sciatica and can barely walk due to the spasms ans weakness in my leg. Going to Pain Management today to try nerve blocks...hope it works!   how do your children feel about the baby? The older 2 are really excited. My 17 month old is pretty clueless (of course) but we have been telling her "baby" when she pats or notices my belly. Last night she leaned over and...
  I love all the belly pics!!   Here's me at 6weeks5days      and here's one taken today at 17weeks5days     Sorry, I've tried to delete the extra (3rd) pic but it won't let me and it doesn't show up when I edit...only in the thread??????
DD has officially weaned at 15 1/2 months.   She cut back to only 2 sessions a day right before 15 months (I was almost 10 weeks) and it's now been at least 2 weeks since she's nursed. It's sad to me but does make it easier on me for this pregnancy. She just turned 16 months.
I really hope it's just a little early
I'm loving some of these names We definitely could use some help! We are still working on our "short lists", so far we have.... (last name is 3 syllables and starts with G) Boys: *middle name will most likely be James (after both grandfathers)* Julian Zavier Vincent Alec Sebastian Kian ..and still not in love with any of them. Totally open to suggestions Girls: Mae Kaelyn JoLeigh (might end up being middle name as it is a combo of my Mom's and my...
How long did it take to agree on DD's name? Any potential names for this LO yet? What is your favorite vacation spot you've been to? What is your dream vacation?
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