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Howdy! My family just moved to Calgary. I would love some real life AP friendly parent friends :) Just putting that out there...
Parents of babies in Sweden certainly aren't worried about the cold! Haven't read the article, but saw LOTS of strollers left outside while parents were inside cafes sipping coffee (like in the second pic). http://www.treehugger.com/files/2010...below_zero.php Bundle up and baby will be just fine!
Yikes! ezzoinfo.com seems to point to Gary Ezzo's website where you can purchase his books and training guides! No other side there
So we are sick again! DH was sickly all last week (didn't stay home from work, just cough and overall yucky feeling), baby got sick last Wednesday (stuffed up, sneezing, little cough) and me Friday (super sore throat and all that was prev. mentioned). Wtf, I thought breastfeeding was suppossed to kick sickness in the butt. DH is taking baby to his doc appt today. Babe had a fever last week, it went away, now it was mildly back yesterday. He is still stuffy! I think...
Quote: Originally Posted by mouso Ooooh, I love that second one! Is that Princess Tam Tam too? Yup!! It is super comfy too.
I am currently in France, which I'd say is heaven for lingerie . My favorite brand is currently Princesse Tam Tam, which is very chic and fun! I'm a nursing mom (7 mo son) and DH and I just went out and bought this which is lacy but totally compatible with nursing. I love it, and well, of course he does too.
Freshly squeezed juice sounds awesome! If you let her drink boxed juice, why not stuff from your own backyard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Keeta Yikes! Feel better soon, mama! That sounds awful!
Someone suggested (here or some other place) that you could always wrap a gift in a playsilk. Maybe that's helpful to you? Considering the ages you are talking about though I think playsilks are definitely appropriate.
My post is kinda jumbled today. Apologies. Well, I am surviving at my inlaws! Husband arrives on Monday - CAN'T FRICKEN WAIT. This is the longest we've been apart since we were married -hello cross atlantic long distance relationship survivors- but this is extra torture considering I am at his parents house where we lived while they were overseas. I wonder what changes in the babe he will find! My back is starting to ache. I kinda had to roll my eyes at the recent...
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