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I wouldn't find it offensive in any way for someone to assume that when you are sitting near a two year old relative of yours that you will provide general supervision (including taking away cell phones) instead of shout for someone to come in from another room every time something comes up. If you don't want to deal with it then go into the other room with the other adults and politely tell the parents their child is now unsupervised in another room. In my family I...
It could be dirt but dirt from areas where cows hang out probably has manure in it anyway. I would either throw it away or pasteurize/boil/cook it.
I'm with most of the other posts. I do not think it is appropriate for your boyfriend to be sleeping in the same bed as your child. I could possibly see a step parent cosleeping if they were married to the parent and the child was really young and the step parent had been part of the family for a really long time (at least half the child's life or longer). In the situation I can fully understand the biological father being upset. Beyond that the biological father has a...
  Microwaves cause molecules in food to move which creates friction, the heat generated by this friction cooks the food. Nothing has 'water cells'. A cell, by definition, contains more than just water. Cooking food using any method can destroy cells. Cutting up food can destroy cells. Chewing destroys cells. Digestion destroys cells.    We don't use a microwave either. I don't like the idea of my food being exposed to microwave radiation. That, and the food that comes out...
To me it doesn't sound like he's pushing formula so much as he feels he's missing out on the experience of bottle feeding. If I were a man and every time my child had to eat the other parent got to sit or lay down and bond with the baby while I got stuck doing some kind of work I would be annoyed over it. Maybe instead of bottle/formula feeding offer to both breastfeed and give bottles of expressed milk after the first couple months?
Why is it that you don't qualify for food stamps? From a quick search I found that the income for a family of four is $2498 per month. Why are dental visits being paid 'in full' (or in installments) when he has insurance? If he's paying for insurance plus paying in full for the appointments then there is no reason to pay for insurance.
Doesn't sound too bad, not cheap but reasonable for a take out meal. You don't mention the gender or size of the 7th grader. If it's a tall, growing boy eating huge portions of decent food that contains high quality protein then it sounds cheap, especially if that is the main meal of the day. If it's a girl who eats half a small portion and the food is from places with low quality standards then it sounds like too much. To put it in perspective that is the equivalent of...
In your shoes I would start by locking up - in a safe if that's all that works - anything dangerous like pills. Then try to get her more exercise, it sounds like she has pent up energy and/or she's bored. I would probably get a trunk that a combination padlock can be attached to to start. It would be big enough to fit dangerous things like medications and matches as well as things like pens and stuff you don't want colored on or destroyed.
Assuming I was able to (other children or household tasks needing immediate attention) I would sit there while the six year old either helps the older child fix it or does something else to make amends. I they're unwilling I would help the older child myself, if wanted, then allow that child to lock their door and do what they want undisturbed.
We've coslept with all the kids, have a higher than average bed, and have never put the mattress on the floor or used rails or anything like that. Never been a problem. I would be concerned with a crawling baby waking up and crawling off alone. We have to keep the door open or the room gets cold so a baby could crawl anywhere in the house without anyone waking up.
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