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An inexpensive meal for us is chicken soup and whole wheat rolls or bread.    The soup is pretty basic: whole chicken - $3 if not organic onion, carrots, celery - $1.50, maybe more if we purchased smaller packages spices and a handful of rice to toss in - $.50, likely less I just make a stock from the chicken, spices, salt, and leftover bits of vegetables I keep in the freezer. Then I strain it, add the chopped up chicken back in, add the diced fresh veggies,...
That is a lot of driving. Assuming you can average 60mph there and back 20 miles would be 20 minutes. Assuming going slower on side roads before getting to main roads plus the actual pickup and drop off times it could easily be an extra hour a day. That's about 180 hours per school year, the equivalent of more than a month of full time employment. Not to mention the cost of gas. I know with my van and the current cost of gas that would add up to somewhere around $1200 in...
That article stinks of conspiracy theory 
Is this a preschool for 4-5 year olds that is attached to an actual school for older kids or is it a daycare that calls itself a preschool? If it's a daycare then I would write her a very, very nice letter explaining the situation and apologizing. If it's a school I would contact an attorney before notifying her. EIther way it's a serious breech of confidential medical information if I was in her shoes I would file a lawsuit. 
When our kids were in school (in between homeschooling years) their school did the flu mist in the cafeteria just prior to lunch time. We kept them out of school so they wouldn't be exposed to shedding viruses while eating lunch and so they wouldn't be 'accidentally' vaccinated. I could see someone telling them above their protests that it was ok and they needed to get it. 
What about giving him real dollars to save or spend on even better things than the prizes they have there in exchange for doing the work at home?
Saying that fat has no nutrition is false. A low fat diet isn't healthy and can be dangerous for children. http://www.naturalnews.com/001545_dietary_fat_good_fats.html
A beeswax crayon?
That's your opinion and I don't really appreciate you saying that as a fact.   A doll cannot be someone's sister. Believing so is not normal. In no way is that an opinion. It might be that your daughter feels or believes that the doll is a sister but it is a fact that it is not normal for someone that age to view an object as being related to a person. I'm saying this as a mother of five children, one of whom is a first grader. I would be very concerned for my child...
I would think it might still be good. Thaw some and see how it smells and tastes. If it seems ok give it to older kids or make something with it.
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