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Whoops! I forgot to put that I followed directions, as well ;)!! THanks!
Would love to win this!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!! :) Katelin katilee_08@hotmail.com
I ate my placenta after one of my homebirths! I swore I would NEVER..... bwahahahahaha!!!   Edited to add: That's the most "crunchy" thing I think I've ever done in the 'crunchy' category. I've done many of the other "stereotypical things" placenta tincture, planting one placenta under a tree (that's the one I ate a piece of after birth), home birth, full term breastfeeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, ap parenting, making my own laundry soap, diva cup (no mama...
Hi! So, how are you doing now? I just read this thread and my heart goes out to you! My husband and I have some issues that are similar to yours, and some that are not, however, we have been in counseling/therapy for about a year and I often wonder this same question. However, everyday I continue to *choose* to stay married and try to find our way back to one another through love. We have been married about 8 years and together for 10. We have 3 young kiddos and it's...
I am not currently homeschooling but am looking at this curriculum for next year! I want to homeschool for the connectedness that I feel it brings with me and my children!
Shared on my facebook wall, too!!!
I want to homeschool to spend more time with my kids and continue to foster the connectedness that I found so important during the baby/toddler years!
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