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I had my twins at 39 weeks in the hospital with no epi.  MD was pushy; but my midwife and doula were supportive and I was clear about not wanting one and understanding the risks.  I'd resist the induction if possible... I did have to deliver in the OR; but moving rooms wasn't a bad experience for me.  Yes, it was painful - but I didn't expect differently :)
38 weeks and 6 days
My first labor was about 13 hours from very start to finish - with about three hours of pushing.  My son was sunnyside up too!  The twins were about 6 hours in total, with about 30 minutes of pushing for baby A; and 5-10 minutes of rest, then 10 minutes of pushing for baby B - also a sunnyside up.
39 weeks.  No NICU time, roomed with me and home the next day.
I'm eight months in and the time is just flying by.  There are days that are difficult; but really I'm just trying to live in the moment because all this will be over so very soon. The girls nursing together, wrestling, laughing at each during nap time, I could go on and on. I love reading all these responses too - wonderful twin moments abound.  I know my life would be so much easier if I had only had one new baby; but I honestly feel like it's double happiness.  Also,...
I had a complication-free pregnancy and felt pretty darn good the whole time. It was clear that my body was working really hard though - I got sick twice with a flu and a sinus infection that I think normally would have not bothered me much. I ran after a two-year old, worked part-time and kept up with my life. I ate a lot - mmmm ice cream! and rested as much as possible. Towards the end I needed a lot of support; my mom came the last two weeks to help; and emotionally...
Just want to give all of you who are pregnant lots of virtual hugs and encouragement. I know exactly how you feel and it actually makes me a little teary to think back... twin pregnancy was the hardest thing I've ever done; best wishes to all of you - you are AMAZING mammas!
congrats! those are my favorite kind of twins!
I just got the city micro by baby jogger, and am loving it so far (it's only been two days). I had a double snap and go; but I just can't lift those car seats anymore, it doesn't stroll well anyway. I also have valco baby with the jump seat for my toddler, but it's too heavy to lift and really doesn't fit in my smallish mini van - I just use it for walks from home. The city micro doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles; but I just can't justify another fancy stroller. ...
I posted my story a while back... but here's the short version: At 39 weeks I had a appt. with the midwives in the am, was checked and had some bloody show (yay!) and membranes stripped. Had no symptoms until about 4pm after a walk. Contractions started coming regularly, went to hospital at about 6pm. Was progressing nicely, had good support from my aunt (a professional doula), my mom and DH. At about 9pm, was checked and was about 7cm. Midwife suggested she break my...
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