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I got pregnant with my first by baby dancing 5 days before ovulation. Have you tested yet?
Hi Moms! My midwife was here this morning. She tried and tried to find the baby to get the heart beat, but never could. She was very confident that everything is fine though. She could hear a healthy placenta and feel the uterus. She will be back next Friday to try again.    Mareseatoats, how was the u/s? Is your DH okay?
I'm so sorry to read this, Lily. I hope you are able to heal physically and emotionally just the way you need to.
I looked forward to labor both times! :)   Baby #1 I was in labor somewhere around 12 hours. I felt like "this is real" labor around 9 p.m. We went to the hospital an hour away around 1 a.m. Both lanes were bumpy and I kept making DH change lanes. We got pulled over due to that. The officer shines his flashlight in during mid contraction while DH says, "She's in labor." I yell, "I really am!" He tells us to be on our way and drive safely. Labor seemed miserable at the...
Congratulations! Thanks for sharing that lovely pic!
I'm having fun reading everyone's ideas! If we have a girl it will almost for sure be Gianna Ladona (long "o"). Ladona is my grandma's name. Our first daughter's middle name is after my DH's grandma, and our DS's middle name is after my DH's grandpa so we *should* use something from my family now. I love my grandma dearly so her name would be great to use. However, the males in my family are less than great... so I don't want to use any of their names, but I also don't...
It seems that with my second we could hear it at 9+ weeks. I asked my midwife when she would try this time and she said 10 weeks. I see her Dec. 27th when I'll be 10+1 so I'm hoping we can hear it then. If not I'll have to make the hard decision whether or not to wait and try again with a doppler later or go for an u/s. I know getting an u/s doesn't change the outcome, but of course I'd like to know to put my mind at ease. 
Another tired mama here! As much as my DH can let me I've been sleeping in and getting a nap during the day. He can't always help me with that though. My 15 month old wakes up to nurse consistently every 30 min. every night so that is really hurting my sleep cycles. I've been getting really bad migraines, I think because of the lack of sleep. 
I don't have time to read through posts right now. Sorry, mamas. I just wanted to update that at 14 DPO hCG was 179. Yesterday, at 19 DPO it was 1956. The nurse said that sounded good, but I don't have time to sit and do math right now either. My kids have just gone bonkers! UGH! Oh, also I asked for progesterone to be tested again and it wasn't. I'm upset about that to say the least! I went ahead and started supplementing once a day anyway. 
Thanks for all the reassurance, ladies! I called the office today to see what my progesterone level was and she said 12.8. I just got Progestelle in the mail and I began using it immediately.  Flower of Bliss, I was pretty surprised myself, although we were not trying and not preventing. I knew to keep a watch and keep tests in the house and test early so I could get on progesterone right away because I've used it with my past two babies.
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