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I have a custom going with her..... yoga pants, sheets for my bed (in earthy browns), a few PF's, and some matching shirts for DS and me I have DYED and gone to heaven
Quote: Originally Posted by HoosierDiaperinMama There's another term for this (maybe a better one) and it's "search manipulation." I think these listings can be violators by using "like such and such name brand" in the title as well as in the description b/c people can choose to search descriptions too. Unknowingly doing it and blatantly doing it just to get search hits are 2 different things, imo. A lot of people really honestly do not know. But,...
Baby Bloomrs was a name that I came up with in 1998 when I started my company. I was strictly making high end boutique children's wear and selling them to stores all over. I didn't even have a website when I started! I really liked "bloom" but it was taken so I went with the whole "flower" theme and changed things around and finally came up with "Baby Bloomrs". Flowers were my focus cause I was thinking the whole growing thing that children do so well Then someone on a...
I feel your pain! That happened to us months ago! My almost 3 yr old is now 35" tall
This is everything that I can remember that we have either tried, had or have.... (ok I cheated I looked through all his diapering pics :LOL ) Sugar Peas MudPie Valour Kids FMBG TEN Luxe El Bee Baby bloomrs 7th Heaven Babies Celestial Baby Fuzzi Bunz Happy Heinys Cricketts Ecobaby Under the Nile Stacinator Bumkins Aristocrat Mosaic Moon KSS Baa Baa Bottoms Wonderful Woolies Knit Witz Baby Gerber pull on pants TDD prefolds Granny's Ark Little...
Here is DS's stash right now (minus a few items that I am making for him) Stash Pics
DS will not wear any knitted wool either! He wore longies all winter, shorts reluctantly for a few months then NOTHING. He SCREAMS!
simple solution... dont go to bed! jk
oh I'll take updated pics after washing today
Ok break it down.... a hand dyed, embroidered wool cover NORMALLY goes for 50-70$ then you add a very well made, hand dyed, embroidered fitted which normally goes for 30-50 and you have the total cost combined They are not marked up and being a wahm myself and knowing the work that goes into those sets.. they should go for MORE IMHO. With that said, no I cannot afford the sets right now but I would buy one if I could!
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