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Wow. I can relate to everything you are all saying.  
Are there any other student-moms you can connect with to swap childcare? Have you looked into childcare options at your college? I know many have day care provided usually by students in early childhood development. How much longer do you have until you graduate?  I do hope that you're able to talk to your BF about his long term plan. The fact that you said he doesn't want to leave his dad alone ever is a little concerning. 
It depends on what it is, I think. For the "dirty dozen" I'd go for commercial organic, but for the less risky fruits and veggies, I'd go local.  For meat, I'd go for organic (free range, grass fed, etc.) but since it's so expensive, we buy in bulk from the nearest farm, which is still about 6 hours away by car. We do buy our organic eggs from Costco just because we eat so many of them and the only local egg seller we can find doesn't have enough for us when we need...
Nitrate-free. Then, I'd call the local company and tell them why and ask them to reconsider their ingredients so I could feel good about buying from them.
Given what you've said about the racial make-up of the city and the fact that she doesn't really live in a white bubble, could the story be a cover up for another reason she would like to move? Maybe they're broke and they'd rather be seen as racist than poor?  I have no doubt that those types of racist attitudes still exist, but it seems a bit fishy to me. . . still entirely crazy and horrible, but perhaps her indignation is a fabrication.
Inspiring because you are so committed to meeting your goals and you've doggedly done MULTIPLE rounds (I'm nervous starting day 1 of p2 tomorrow)! I've been amazed reading about your and others' journeys on this thread. I hope I can have the same success with losing these stubborn pounds.   Yeah, on the calories, I honestly don't know what is "low" or "high" enough. It's been something I've struggled with this whole year. I've gone high cal (high fat, high protein) and...
I'm sorry, Maiasaura.That must be so frustrating!  Your story has been so inspiring to me while reading this thread, so don't give up!!  A couple of thoughts that you may already be addressing, but are you eating your carbs WITH protein and fat in the same meal? Also, is your overall calorie intake low enough?   
Mary, thanks for starting this thread. I started reading it a week ago when I found out a friend of mine was doing hcg. She looks amazing.  I've been trying everything to lose weight for the past 8 or so months.  I think baby #5 plus my advancing age (lol) is catching up with me. None of my usual tricks worked (weight watchers, low carb, counting calories). The weight just STICKS to me. I was the same weight at 6 mths pp as I was 2 wks pp.  Then, with my various...
Grilled pizzas, salad and strawberries for dinner.
My kids have played around with this site: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/ 
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