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My plans for a productive cleaning day are gone, since two of my kids threw-up last night and are home from school today. Sigh.
I'd also meet with an IBCLC.  My baby had tongue and lip ties and a high palate.  The ped, chiro, mw, and even an LC all that his latch was fine. His weight gain was slow, but again, that was "explained away."  It finally came to a head when the weight dropped off and my baby was just flat miserable. He wasn't sleeping, he was cranky. I caved and gave him a bottle and suddenly, my baby was FULL and HAPPY.  I got some great advice here at MDC about finding a specialist...
I'm off to a really bad start with menu planning this week.  Tonight, I'm making a hash with rice, onions and ground turkey.
Going out so the kids are having pizza with the babysitter.   Any grand ideas to use with ground turkey that's not Italian. I've already thought of swedish meatballs. What else?
I actually don't think Russian is all that difficult.  Once you get the alphabet down (in a month, at most), it's all phonetic from there. The most difficult part imo are all the cases and the way the word endings change when you're using one case over another. I never became fluent and it's been a while since I studied it, but those were my impressions at the time. I can still read the cyrillic letters though. Comes in handy when you go to see Mission Impossible 4 
I still need to do a proper menu plan for this week. I'm going to try to use the stuff that's in our pantry and freezer and stick to the fruits and vegetables we got today.   Dh made pancakes for the kids tonight and I had leftover risotto.  Tomorrow I'm making taco bowls.  Beans, meat, cheese, sour cream, olives, lettuce, salsa, and so forth in a bowl eaten with baked corn chips.  I've already put the pinto beans on to soak so I can make refried beans tomorrow.
Good ideas, here. I have a friend who had to approach his friend about this issue. I think they were both seniors in hs at the time. My friend took his friend aside and said, "Hey man, I don't know if you know, but you have pretty bad BO. I think you need to shower more and use deodorant."  After the initial embarrassment passed, all was well. The guy even told him, years later, that he really appreciated being told because he really had no idea. I think it was a...
Hello, Dr. Bob. Thank you for taking time to answer my questions.   My babies have all had baby acne, but my youngest had a pretty severe case with lots of pustules. It showed up around 2 weeks and stayed until he was about 4 months. The problem now (at 12 months) is that he has acne scarring on his cheeks. Everything I've read said that baby acne rarely leaves scars, but he has red dots and visible pores on his cheeks, where he had the worst concentration of...
The white beans and sausage with polenta was really good last night. I used hot Italian turkey sausage (but now I'm thinking I need to try those Johnsonville ones!), along with sautéed onions and peppers and a can of diced tomatoes. Oh, and a little balsamic vinegar.     Tonight we're getting pizza. Dh is gone and the kids have friends over.  
My dd was in a reading program for kids who were below-average readers. I'll admit that I was glad when she progressed out of it much sooner than expected, and before one particular little girl whose mother I have a long history with   
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