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Powdered here. I use this recipe, but sub out Dr. Bronner's baby bar soap (unscented) for the one she uses. 
My friend sells it and gave me a few items for Christmas. I really liked it. She told me she has to order so much every month, so if I ever want something, I can buy it for her cost and just make it part of her shipment. But then, she's not interested in selling or recruiting.
That's really sad. Their loss, I mean.  Did they say something flippant about getting a "replacement" baby? Or talk about getting their money's worth or something? I guess, I just don't understand why it would make you annoyed.  I think it's actually great. They have love in their hearts to shower on a baby (and a toddler).  And there are undoubtedly babies out there that need that love.  It's very sad that their chosen baby (I'm assuming they met and chose it?) passed...
I like The Discipline Book by Dr. Sears for teaching children and understanding the developmental stages of infants through childhood.  You say that punishments kept your daughter in check, but perhaps if you'd had a better understanding of WHY she was doing the things she was, you would have seen that she wasn't being "bad" or "disobedient" but instead, trying out the parts of her personality that were emerging or testing newfound knowledge.  I think our perception of...
I agree.    I consider myself an inherently organized person, in that, I crave order and systems. However, I was never taught to be organized and grew up in quite a bit of chaos, so I find it an uphill battle to maintain the order I seek. I get systems and routines in place around chores or storage or whatever, but the hardest part is sticking to them.  It's all well and good to have a landing pad for my purse and shoes, but if I keep leaving them in random places around...
I'm trying to eat a little lower carb and a little more paleo and so I've been eating a few things with almond meal, almond butter or peanut butter. Every time I do, I get a mild stomach ache and have to burp a lot.     I drink almond milk and have done so for about 2 years with absolutely no ill effects.  Is there some reason, besides allergy, that would cause me the stomach upset with these nuts?
Congrats!!!   I decided that I need a low-carb kick in the pants. I need to detox from all the candy and grains I've been bingeing on. I feel tons better today after vegetable frittata this morning and salad for lunch.
I hear you!  I honestly don't know if I'll ever NOT be able to count calories. I'm not very intuitive (obviously, or I wouldn't be stuck at this weight!) about my eating, so I've got to monitor it somehow.   I've got a goal to lose 7 lbs by Thanksgiving. I'm walking 4 miles 3x a week and counting calories. I need to add some resistance/weights on the off days, like planks, push ups and squats. My current weight is 157, which is down 2 from my starting weight.  
We eat "beans and rice" probably 3x a week and then have rice another 2x.  We like Indian dals with basmati rice and refried or black beans with rice (bacon is key with this combo ). We eat rice with a lot of things (curries, stir fry, hash), but don't eat beans without rice very often. My kids aren't fans of soup, unfortunately.
Me, too. That's one gutsy person!
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