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Yes, our lives would be turned upside down  We don't have regular farmer's markets and growing here is very difficult.  So, we have to buy produce from the grocery store.   Other than that, we would be able to get meat from a local butcher, and eggs a few towns away where people have ranches, but all other items would probably have to come from an online retailer, like whole grains, legumes, baking supplies, non-perishable almond milk, nuts, etc. Come to think of it,...
I like to add baby spinach or romaine lettuce to smoothies that include some frozen berries or banana. If I don't have frozen fruit, I'll add some ice, too.  Raw kale is really gross to me in a smoothie but the other greens I mentioned are very mild tasting.  
  I agree. Natural is great.  And so are cancer drugs and skilled surgeons.  Thankfully, we have both and we have brains to determine which is useful in any given situation.      
That happened after our first clip at 1 mth old. In fact, my babe still couldnt nurse until he was 12 weeks old.  We did cranial sacral therapy for the high aech and just kept practicing (I also had to pump/supplement with bottles).  He's ebf now.
Was he checked for a lip tie? http://thefunnyshapedwoman.blogspot.com/2011/03/introducing-maxillary-labial-frenulum.html   Also, my ds had his tongue clipped at a month old and again at 6 mths.  Sometimes, it's not obvious that the tongue is still restricted.  Can he lift his tongue to the roof of his mouth?  Have you seen this link about some of the ways you can tell if the tongue is still causing problems? http://www.cwgenna.com/quickhelp.html  
Here's a link to specialists by state. http://www.lowmilksupply.org/frenotomy.shtml  I went out of state to have my ds treated.  Pm me and I can tell you where I went and how far from the nearest airport.
I don't really have strong feelings one way or the other about surrogacy.  I wouldn't choose to be a surrogate myself. and I haven't dealt with infertility so I can't say how strong the pull would be to seek out a surrogate, but I want to comment on thoughts you stated here.  How far do you take the idea that you should leave "natural" alone? Nature causes all sorts of unfortunate things. Would you correct a child's heart defect?  Would you treat cancer? Yes, many cancers...
Besides what everyone else has said, one thing I'm going to recommend to my children before they marry is pre-marital counseling or marriage classes about communication.  Dh and I knew most of the biggies, but one thing we couldn't anticipate was how we'd communicate under pressure.  Until you actually HAVE the children or the financial strains or whatever, it's hard to know what to expect.  We've tried to teach and model good communication, sometimes unsuccessfully, but...
Well, I heard back from her! She was apologetic, said she had some personal stuff, and told me when she'd be over this week. So, here's to a good outcome :) Cross your fingers!
Mama, you did a great job! I agree with everyone else.  You kept your son safe!  As others have said, i don't think that confronting your fil now will do any good.  I do think it is your prerogative to never see him again and to keep your ds from doing the same. Honestly, it seems like it's your dh you're going to need to stand up to.  You can't make your dh do anything. You can't force him to confront his father. But you can let him know what your and ds's boundaries...
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