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I was told it was a good idea. I was afraid we would get sick. I was never told that there were so many risks. I believe we are being mislead by the doctors we are supposed to trust. Melissa & Katrina 6/03/03 and pumping since day one
It was a long time ago but it will help you get to know us. My name is Melissa and my daughter is Katrina. She will be 11 months on the 3rd. We live on an Army base in El Paso. I had a fairly normal pregnancy, except that my blood pressure got high towards the end. I was monitored closely and was on meds. I never did get preeclamptic or anything but they wanted to induce at 39 weeks to make sure neither of us got sick. But then my OB (who is the head ob at the...
She doesn't eat during the night any more. I am not so tired as curious! She just wakes up to see how we are doing sometimes!
I would like to remind you that in most places it is illegal to turn the baby before one! I think it comes down to which is more important happy or safe? How bad would you feel if your child did get hurt because you turned the seat even though you knew the risks? I think a mothers first job is to keep her baby safe no matter what. What happens when your 3 year old screams like that in the carseat? Not make her sit in it? I say NO WAY!!!
I think if they were really o.k. with FFing they wouldn't get mad when BF is brought up! Melissa & Katrina 6/03/03 and pumping since day one
I just got ripped apart on another site for being proud of BFing. I said that the reason my DD was so healthy was because I work so hard to give her BM. I have to pump and feed because she never latched on (NICU baby) and I am proud of it. Why do some FF have to jump down your throat everytime you mention the benifits of BFing. I am just sick of it.
I would join that. I am 10 moths pp. I gained only 10 lbs with my pregnancy and lost almost 25 when I gave birth, but I still need to lose about 90-100 lbs more. I would love some support!
For the last couple of days, I've been finding Katrina naked, even though I layed her down fully clothed. Then, she'll wake up crying and I'll go into her room only to find, not a baby, but a pile of blanket with a giant sobbing lump in the center.
I have no idea! But I do think it is sweet that you are worried Oh, the things we new moms come up with to worry about!
My DD is almost 11 months and she "talks" all the time. She is just a baby, that is what babies do!
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