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AF is a few days late so I POAS today and, yep, BFP. Will likely take another test in the morning...and another the day after to be sure. But the fatigue and cravings and sore boobs make me think the test isn't wrong...
My son was asynclitic, too, despite numerous attempts to get him in a good position...hence, my horrible tendency to place blame on him in the early postpartum days.
My son started squealing at around 3 months. Maybe that's really early, I don't know, but he's pretty advanced for his age, both physically (always been in the 90th percentile) and developmentally.   I jokingly call him Benjamin Button.
Is the word you're looking for "asynclitic"?   It's too bad that we feel the way we do, but it's somewhat comforting to know that we're not alone in the feeling.   The shock of having the unwanted c-section, trying to recover from the fatigue, and being alone at night made the initial postpartum period less-than-ideal emotionally. I realized that I didn't feel that strong postpartum bond with him after a couple weeks, which I thought was odd b/c I felt such a strong bond...
My boy does this sometimes. In his case, I think it's reflux-/gas-related b/c he often squirms in discomfort if I put him down w/o burping first (if he falls asleep while nursing). It's rare but it definitely sounds like a pained cry and not so much a cry of hunger.
My son's birth certificate states the wrong time of birth (by 30 minutes). The correction form that came with it doesn't have an area to correct that field.   Is this something that would be deemed important enough to ask for a corrected certificate? Is the time of birth ever used for anything? Besides birth charts, that is.
I wish I had known about these bottles before my son arrived! We've had to supplement quite a bit the last week or so because of what I assumed was a low supply issue...but looks like might also be a posterior tongue tie issue. We're going to the peds on Tues so we'll confirm. Anyway, I think we're dealing with a nipple confusion issue, too, b/c I've noticed he's become a very lazy sucker at the breast...which I think is  affecting my supply. I've gone back to work...
Quote: I tried burping him when this happens after reading your post...and that seemed to be the problem. Thanks!!!
Do you just wait until she wakes up to nurse or do you pump halfway through? I thought that waiting more than 4 hours to nurse/pump affects your milk supply.
My 2 month old is the same way. Hardly naps during the day, wakes easily if I try to put him down.   But in my case, I think the culprit is a low milk supply. Until we started supplementing with formula, there was a period of weeks where I was nursing him nonstop during the day. Because he's not getting a full meal every time, he doesn't fall into a milk coma except in the middle of the night. If he does end up falling asleep while sucking, he will wake up instantly...
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