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Would Loma Linda be too far for you?
  What area in SoCal?   I'm a doula in the Inland Empire and know a doula around L.A area who charges around $1500. I charge 400-600 (+depending on distance) but I'm below average. The average here seems $700-$800.
I'm looking into this program and it seems very pricey compared to other organizations. Does you have to purchase the kits for Hypno-Students? How much are they? Is there a recertification?
I'm not sure where he delivers but check out Dr. Vazquez at Beaver Medical Group in Redlands.   Your friend could also call the hospitals, get a provider list, and go from there. 
Thanks for the lead. I signed up. 
I'm a doula new to the area (Loma Linda) and didn't get a chance to work with the doctors here yet (we just been here for a month). but let me see what I can find out for you. 
We just got here about three weeks ago and need a new doc for DD (2.5 y/o) and myself. DH is in the military so we use Tricare as our insurance. I would also love to meet some like-minded mamas in the area.     
When I was pregnant and looking for a doula, I asked where she got her certification from. I didn't know anything about the certifying organizations and just asked because it was one of the recommended questions to ask lol. The most important was how I clicked with the doula.    I am taking the Postpartum Doula course with CBI. I love CBI and can't say anything but good things about them. The only thing I miss are the workshops but those I can do with other...
I started my training with CBI last year and enjoy it a lot (birth doula-certified, postpartum doula-almost threre, breastfeeding counselor-still in training). What do others think of the Breastfeeding Counselor training? What do you enjoy? What do you not like? Is there anything you struggle with? I know their birth doula and postpartum doula courses are pretty comprehensive and I wonder how this one compares to other organizations. 
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