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with a family history of cancer on dh side and a son with aspergers im trying to go naturally as possible but with not much cost. i have olanted fruit trees and veg garden use grey water for lawn use ornaic and natural wash liquid and dish washing liquid buy as much organic stuff i can use lavender oil and water as air freshner use a water filter have just bought organic and natural sunscreen and mossie repellent just bought organic shampoo and conditioner...
thankyou for your advice
i was in the nesagents today when i noticed amum struggling to pay for her items and leave. her daughter was crying and getting upset as she wanted this expensive toy that was at her eye level,her mum ofered a cheaper item. around me i heard people muttering about needinga smack etc. then one old lady turns to the mum and says is my day we only gotpresents for christmas,easter and birthdays. poor mum seemed flustered as the lady continued on about spoiled...
after reading the protecting the gift my oh is now also concerned about the father as he often stops and looks at my daughter when shes having pant free time(shes 2 and toilet training) there front door faces my back door and side yard. it could be the fact he has all boys and wanted a girl but we just have a niggly feeling as does my best friend.thanks those who recomended the book it was excellent.
im very concerned about my neighbours children. they have no supervision,never really allowed out in there yard. the police have returned the youngest after he went walkabouts(2 hrs later and mum hadnt realised)the middle child knocked on my door at 6am with a yucky nappy wantingto play(parents were asleep and didnt know) right now there verandah is half filled with boxes,broken fans etc,the other half has 2 large baskets of kitchen rubbish and a big bag of pooey...
wow,whereabouts areyou? Im brisbane
Oh and aworm farm my sil is a big influence as shes veg,anti vac,co sleeps,owns her own organic farm.
Hi ! im Kristy and im from Australia. I recentally ordered Protecting The Gift by Gavin De Becker" from my local library after the rave reviews here. Im rather new to alot of this. my 5 yr old has aspergers so i avoid as much chemicals as possible. I make myown yoghurt,treats,airfreshner,multipurposecleaner,hav e chickens,a vegie garden. Imlookingformore andmore waysto help my family live longerand be happier. Ialso started the acv after reading about it here.
Hi ive always loved this site but was abit nervous to join,so i decidedto. I live in Brisbane and ahve a 2 and 5 yr old.
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