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My dd's father is a serial dater. We've been apart for nearly four years and he has been engaged twice and had four of his six girlfriends move in with him. His last girlfriend moved out abruptly last month ( after moving in very quickly with her two kids)  and he is already seeing someone new. He gave me a heads up on the new girlfriend and knows that I think he should wait to introduce her to dd, but dd told me she came over to the house last night while she was in bed...
Um, I second ( or third rather) checking out the GD forum. And I'd like to add that I'd be furious if I found out my dd's Step-mom was spanking her or whoppin( is that the same thing?!) her. Just saying.
That's awesome Ursa!! And I'm loving the hair!
I'm glad to hear that not everyone's babies are 'perfect' sleepers. We've been dealing with the early morning build up to a big poo. Wulfie squirms and thrashes until he finally goes and then can't fall back asleep after even though he really wants to. So anywhere from 4-6 I'm up and pacing in the living room with him in the ergo until he falls asleep. He won't fall asleep for anyone but me at night so we've fallen into a pattern of me handling the nights and dh handling...
Thanks for the replies! Hippiemom, I am interested too. My plan so far is to gain a little experience and then start working. It would be nice to know how others did it though.
One of the few photos I have of me nursing ds. This is from Festival in the Glen- a little renaissance festival in Wisconsin. I have to say it is quite a challenge to nurse in a corset, but well worth it!   
I went through the DONA certification process and my time period to finish ran out( I had major surgery, got married, had a baby and didn't finish my required amount of births). My midwife told me I could still be a doula and not be certified. My question is, does anyone do this? I am hoping to go onto be a Midwife once I can get into a program, but would really like to start off as a Doula first. I'm planning on networking and putting myself out there as a volunteer at...
I notice it WAY more from older 'friends' than from tv. DD is four and she is only allowed pbs and some videos. I've let her watch some of the Harry Potter movies and a few doctor who episodes, but I keep the shows aimed at teen or tween girls far away. I've noticed her attitude change a lot after her bio dad's girlfriend with two kids moved into their house. She wants to be just like the older girl and has started to do things she never did( throw things when mad, tell...
    dh wearing our son at festival in the glen. We like to call this his 'mom porn' look 
I wrote it all down at last!!! Gotta link to it though since I don't think I can copy and paste it all plus pictures     http://veganpaganmama.blogspot.com/2012/07/the-home-birth-of-wulfric-william.html
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