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     Wearing my three month old son during a parade with our pirate crew.
Okay, these photos are giving me baby fever and I already have one!    I want to get all of our little ones together and overdose on the cuteness!!   I took this one just a few minutes ago and had to share...
I keep coming back and checking this thread. Pretty sure it is my favorite!!!   I got a picture of Wulfie smiling at last! It's a little dark..     HIs little personality has just blossomed in the last week and he's turned into a little flirt! He chats away at me and gives very cheeky grins to anyone that smiles at him. And I had to add the one of his Doctor Who shirt!
I went out and picked up some infant probiotics, thanks Tracy:) I wish I would have read your suggestion about turmeric before I started the antibiotics saudade! Oh well, at least it is going away now. Poor little guy is not quite himself but hopefully the probiotics will start helping soon!
Wulfric had a little pimple on his arm that wasn't going away. At his one month check the Dr. decided to culture the stuff coming out of it and it came back as a staph infection. They prescribed a cream and oral antibiotics. I hate that he has to have antibiotics this soon and I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to help his little system handle them better? 
I use party in my pants. I like how thin but still absorbent they are. They stay put pretty well, but will move back a bit if I'm doing a lot of walking.
Yay babies!!! I love looking at all of your littles!!!   Here's Wulfric in a shirt dh made for him  
I am so sorry, I can't begin to imagine. My heart is breaking for you.
    Last one! We are a pirating/ Renaissance Festival family and this is a photo from last season.
  Serious faces while our little flower faery dances in the back!
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