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I know a lot about plane travel and car travel with babies. I have been to England three times with my daughter- once at six months, once at ten months and once at 16 months. Ask me anything you want to know!
I started reglan and it has made a tiny improvement... working on feeling discouraged at the lack of instant results, lol.
You are all so wonderful. Thank you for the kind words. One of my biggest lessons in life I think is to be easier on myself. It has helped me a lot even to just share this little bit and have the wonderful feedback from the four of you! Thank you!
I don't really know why I'm posting this, I don't really expect advice or comments but I think I need to tell this. I became pregnant with my daughter when I was 23. It was a totally unexpected pregnancy but I loved her right away My partner at the time (unknown to me) was still married and cheating on his wife with me. I always expected to have an intact family so we moved in together etc, etc. To shorten the story, over my pregnancy he became controlling, abusive, and...
I got a few drips today... tiny drips but drips none the less
I'm not expecting a full supply-just enough to cover the soy she drinks now. She's already starting to get interested... kinda gave a pretend suck while I was pumping and then giggled about it Thank you for the reply!
I don't have any advice really but I know how you feel! I have recently decided to try and re-lactate for my 18mo. It's been much longer since I've nursed her than with you, but I have been pumping for three days and I'm already noticing things happening If this is something that you really want to do, then go for it! I truly believe in determination.
I came to and joined this forum for advice and support. I have an 18mo daughter who has not breast fed since she was four months old. Currently she is lactose intolerant and drinks soy, but after doing some research on the hormonal effects of soy I have decided to try and relactate for her. I have never really completely dried up and I've started pumping but I feel I'm getting no support or good advice anywhere! I'm being told by other mothers I am dumb or doing this...
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