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  My super husband wearing our two week old in the moby while teaching our four year old to knit!
       My little girl rubbing my back during a contraction at the birth of her little brother. My husband is watching in the back:)
Oh, I changed mine every time I had to go to the bathroom for the first five days. So with using about ten pads I never ran out of clean ones.
I'm just figuring all this out myself! I have about five heavy duty cloth pads, four large, and six kind of 'regular' absorbency. I wore the giant depends things that came in my birth kit for the first 24 hours so I could shove a giant ice pack in them. I'm on day six now and I'm at a level of bleeding where I can wear my usual pads just fine. I think I would have liked to have a few more of the postpartum pads just so I wasn't having to wash so often, but it all worked...
So many babies now!! Congrats to everyone!!!
Wulfric William was born at home tonight at 7:27!! Sleeping peacefully now after a four and a half hour labor. I feel amazing
I haven't been keeping up with this thread very much! I am for sure feeling at the end of my patience with this pregnancy though. Depending on which date I go by I am either a week or four days 'over due'. So I'm trying nipple stimulation today to see if I can kick things into gear. Been having contractions all day long for a week now but they are not getting me any where. At least if this doesn't work I'll feel proactive!
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