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I'm working my way through the whole series of Nip/Tuck on netflix. I'm not sure about books though. I just finished the Dresden Files series and I'm wishing I would have saved them for my rest time now! I'm eager to see what others recommend.
  One more on the beach in Akumal Mexico. I really loved being warm and by the ocean!
This is how I feel too. It seems like in real life around here it's more common for the hair coloring to happen earlier and earlier. 
My dd will be four next week. She's expressed numerous times in the last year that she'd like pink hair. While I am ALL for self expression, I feel she's still a bit too young. We've done colored clip in extensions and they tend to fall out. Enter dd's bio-dad's new girlfriend. She has a dd too, six I think, and colors her hair for her sometimes. She is a hair stylist apparently and dd's dad is asking me if she can put some pink streaks in her hair. I'm leaning towards...
  Seven months pregnant, doing tree pose by a tree in Mexico.
I'd tell her not to speak to her ex right now. That was a huge turning point for me in feeling like I could figure out how to live on my own, when I got a break from him and could just breathe for a bit. When my ex kept calling me after I left ( he asked me out on a date too and I just said are you effing serious?!) it was just another way to keep tormenting me under the guise of keeping contact with dd. Are there any programs in the area to find out what her legal...
I've been feeling nauseous too. I haven't thrown up yet, but I've sure felt like it the past few days. I've just been falling back on what used to help which is trying to always have something in my stomach and taking it easy. 
My own father moved out of the country when I was about 8 and it was devastating. My older sister wasn't really all that concerned, but it triggered a deep depression in me that I still deal with today. I remember my mother being supportive at first and then pretty much just getting angry at me and expecting me to just get over it. I still am waiting for my father to 'come home' and I think having less contact with him during my childhood would have been healthier. I'm...
I really love seeing everyone's bellies! Fun to compare:)   We took some photos on vacation which was about 31 weeks I think..  
I feel like a crappy wife today. Dh signed up for extra shifts tonight so I asked if we could celebrate on Friday. I woke up this morning to flowers and an awesome dancing octopus card and clean kitchen. I had nothing for him:( I have a lot of making up to do on Friday! I am happy that today is my one year transplantaversary ( anniversary of donating my kidney) and I got a couple of friends to register as organ donors. I debated on calling my recipient or not, but the...
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