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Oh wow that sounds awful!! Hopefully the other hospital isn't so strict and weird. I can't believe they don't allow showering during labor! 
We settled on Wulfric but have no clue for a middle name. It took calling names out until he kicked to pick one. I'm glad it was Wulfric since that was my favorite. We're not telling certain family members that we think would have unhelpful things to say about it. I am a giant nerd that we got the idea from one of Dumbledore's names! It fits though since right before I got pg I had a dream of a small wolf walking around a lake, laying down to die and then turning into a...
I have quite a few, I couldn't find a picture of my lower back tattoo though- the sign of the triple goddess.     The SATOR square on my wrist     Moon ( for dh) and dragonfly on same hand/wrist     Venus, and hint of the three stars for my sisters behind my ear     another dragonfly and Elohim      Left kidney I had done for my recipient, still in the flakey stage:)     Wolf and tiger prints with oghams on the...
I am in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
We're having a homebirth with midwife, back up midwife, doula, dh, and friend( she does reiki and will help with dd if needed). We're renting a tub for labor at the least, I'm not sure if I'll birth in it yet though. I am loving our plan so far, worlds apart from my awful last hospital birth. Dd says she want to catch ds. I told her she can if she still wants to in the moment, how special would that be for her? 
It sounds to me like there are a few women on there answering to simply twist your words. I found nothing offensive about anything you wrote.  Maybe hard feeling lingering from previous encounters? Situations like that are why I only post on MDC and no other boards.
I am here as well. This group is more private, yes? I'm still catching up to the changes on here as far as privacy goes.
Yeah, it seemed like the feeling was that because my first child was born when I was 23 and was unplanned, I was to be respected for making things work( essentially keeping her) and being a good mom to her but choosing to have a child this time is weird/bad/poor judgment. I think there was a lot of assumption that I shared the view of procreation=bad for the earth and it surprised a lot of people when they found out I feel differently. But they're happy for another vegan!...
I didn't see this until now, oops! Yeah, I pretty much just stopped going to meetings and events with this group. I was putting too much energy into trying to make these few people still respect me and not respecting myself enough. It has been kinda lonely, but I realized I don't need this group to do outreach or to be social. After baby is born in the spring I'll see about getting involved again. 
I had the name Eowyn picked out for a girl, but now that we know baby is a boy I have no idea!   Here is our list so far:   Caspian( dh's fave so far) Sirius  Wulfic( I think Wulfie as a nick name would be really cute) Eomer ( dh hates this one) Marius River   and dh has shot down any others that I have suggested. He is mostly refusing to settle on any at this point. I don't even know what we're going to use as a middle name. I think Wulfric flows...
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