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it's true that high hcg levels are not an accurate measure of multiples however it sure is fun to ponder the possibilities! i work at a hospital and had bloodwork drawn by my lab friends. at 7dpo hcg was 9 and 24 hours later it was 60. by 12dpo it was well over 1000. i told dh to be prepared for twins and he laughed it off. my girls are 11mo old now
wow, that's rough. whew, let's see. i do not try to put my girls down for naps unless i KNOW they are ready and will go right down. that usually means isla will go down once a day and ruby will nap attached to my boob or in a swing/bouncer. does your 3yo still nap? if we are not out and about, our day looks like this: babies up at 630a nurse in bed as long as possible, 3yo up at 730, downstairs by 8, babies nurse again then breakfast for 3 yo, sometimes babies will nap...
thought i would add that i also got a double snap and go to use with the infant car seats. i was going out with all 3 kiddos at 2wk pp on a regular basis (multiple times/wk). i HAD to get out of the house. we still use that a lot. got it for $20 from another twin mom. but once the girls outgrow the infant seats it will be our valco all the way. biggest complaint, the basket underneath the seats is divided in 2 by a large metal bar making it almost useless.
i too love our valco twin. i got a great deal on a brand new one on ebay, $380 i think is what i paid. at first i thought it was too much but now that the girls are 9 mo and my 3yo still likes to ride i think it is great! i can drive it one handed and get the toddler attachment to accommodate all 3. it folds up big but still easy to get in and out of the car. i heard some not so great things about the joovy but nothing first hand.
i worked out until 10 weeks, worked 50hr/wk until 33wk, worked 24hr/wk and had to call in to work right before my c-section at 35w2d. plus, i took my then 2 yr old out to parks/splash pads 2x/wk. other than that, i only cooked. no housework, and lots of naps. i slowed down by 30wk but really was still fairly active. (my belly maxed at 39cm and i only gained 32#-if i had been bigger i am sure i would have been less active)
for us it has been so much easier than i could have expected. our girls are 4 mo and were 5 weeks early and in the nicu for 5 days. we also have a just turned 3 year old boy. we had a lot of nursing problems and i pumped exclusively for 10 weeks. then all of the sudden nursing clicked and away we went. sometimes i actually think our three year old is harder than the twins are. we are blessed with babies that sleep well, go right back down after nursing at night, no colic...
all purpose nipple ointment is awesome! you have to get an rx and it's pricey but man oh man it helps a bunch. it has an anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and something to help with yeast in it. get with a lc too. they might suggest a nipple shield to get you through the pain and asses his latch. hope things are improving for you!
i am nursing my 15 week old clomid twin girlies right now! i ovulated on my own but my progesterone was a bit low at 7.5 (my re wanted it 12 or higher). i was put on 25mg clomid (half the lowest dose) and an hcg trigger shot and the first month i turn up pg with the girls. best of luck to you!
first off congrats on the twins! it's a wild ride. i am a respiratory therapist and worked 4 12's a week until 33 weeks at which point i started doing 2 12's. i actually had to call in to work the night i delivered at 35w2d when we found out baby a had a dangerously short cord. i fully believe i would have carried them to at least 38w otherwise. working 12hr nights wasn't easy but i made sure to take it as easy as possible. so working up until the day you deliver is...
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