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We are bilingual over here and I think that signing has GREATLY improved my daughters vocabulary in both language. Signing is the 'common' language between the two, so she will sign and say the word in either language. It's been pretty amazing to watch her comprehension unfold and how it all mixes. For example, in Acoli (her other language) "edagi" (pronounced eeh-doggy), means "I don't wan't"- so if she really doesn't want something she says "edagi" and emphatically...
DD is 21 months. We co-sleep and she is very committed to nursing to sleep.   I am about to start teaching 3 days a week and am wondering how to handle naps when she is with a babysitter. When she was little and with a babysitter, she would just rock her to sleep or stick her in the stroller... but I have been at home with her for the last 7 months so she hasn't had anyone else put her to sleep and I'm not sure the rocking/stroller will work anymore.   I don't...
Does anyone have any recs for deet free products that actually work/are safe for children? We will be in East Africa for 6 months and this is the first time we have brought our 14 month daughter. Trying to take every anti-malaria precaution possible.
A lot depends on where she is delivering. If she is in a hospital, you need to be really clear that she is going to be in the operating room, on a monitor with an epidural. So help her to labor at home as long as is reasonable. If she gets to the hospital at 3cm, she is likely to have a c-section.
Have you tried Valerian? You can get a child safe version called 'valerian super calm' by herbs for kids.   I tried this with DD (also a year) when she had a period of waking in the night to play and after 2 nights she was back to STTN. She still wakes to nurse once or twice, but she is asleep within a minute or two of waking.    
Carols daughter products are all natural and you can order them online... they have kid specific products https://www.carolsdaughter.com/
DD is 12 months... she says cat (dat), banana (nanna), hat, sock, dadda and clap. She reconizes/knows a lot more than that, but thats what she can articulate at this point.
My first instinct is to say "sling that baby". She is used to being sat with AND she is no doubt having separation issues even if she knows you, so security and closeness will probably help to ease the transition and eventually you will be able to help her play on the floor or interact with your older kids who can 'entertain' her.  Do you know the 'rucksack' carry? It's great for toddlers. You can get her on your back and go about your day. You may also want to...
My 1 year old does the same thing. Recently she does it on my chest when she wants to nurse. Ow! I set her down whenever she does it and say 'no' gently but firmly....  I will let you know if it works.
Dr Garber is great. He backs up a lot of the homebirth midwives in NJ. It's certainly not a home birth, but he is kind and supportive of your choices. Just out of curiosity, who is your midwife (you can PM me if you want). That being said, are you eating raw garlic (lots and lots of it?) it can lower blood pressure fairly effectively.
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