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You are SOOOOO lucky! Here's to all of us who have the same dream as you getting what we want, too
I ended up giving her a .8 (the dose for babies her size) dose twice last night. She's much better today Thanks!
...but it's a really "odd" thing to do, how do you convince others that it's best for you and your family? DP and I are seriously talking about visiting/moving to Alaska, and his parents are going to be really upset when we tell them. We live with them right now, and sometimes I think his Mom lives for us and her Grandkids. I feel bad that we might leave them, but at the same time, I know we can't stay where we are for much longer. So... how do I become okay with...
Didn't read all the replies, but here's what has worked (mostly) for me. I tell myself that if I don't fall asleep, I'm not going to get any sleep, and I really need sleep. It usually works. My brain must say to itself 'I've got to let her sleep now, otherwise I won't function well tomorrow!' Anyway, hope that made sense. I'm kinda tired because my kiddos haven't been feeling well, so I haven't been sleeping as well as normal, haha!
I'm reading Unconditional Parenting right now. Not sure if the approaches in it would work for a child that young, but it's a great read either way. It takes all the parenting 'ideas' and gets down to the nitty-gritty of how people actually ARE and what children really need. If anything, it will change how you see behaviors, which is important, IMHO. It has really helped me!
I called DD's ped today and his nurse recommended baby Tylenol, but it says on the box to read the new warning label. After doing a bit of research, I'm hesitant to give it to her. She's unvax'ed, EBF, and this is the first time she's been sick. She's been eating and sleeping all day, but I'm worried about her She's really low energy compared to normal, and seems to be in pain. Maybe a sore throat? So, what would you do?
We unschool and live out of town, which I think makes life waaaay cheaper. For example, our homeschool group has regular swap meets, where I usually get some clothes, books and games. We grow much of our own food, with plans to eventually grow 75-90% of it. We vacation with my parents at their timeshare or go camping. Also, not being in town very much gives me less chance to go spend money
DS was born today, eight years ago to a scared nineteen year old Mama. Life is so good today, full of blessings, wonder, a new Daddy and sister. Happy Birthday kiddo!
I get super-intense headaches that come out of nowhere and are increasing in frequency and in how aweful they feel. I've been to two Doctors and both of them just wrote me a priscription, which I didn't fill, because I can't take meds - they affect me very strongly - some make me vomit, or tired, or just feel 'off.' Anyhow, I've been self-treating by getting 2x monthly massages, but it's SO expensive. It seems to keep them away for a few days, a week at most, then they...
I want to handle this situation in a very US/UP type way. I know asking how to handle this might seem silly, but he is my first (but not only) child and I've never encountered this situation before and have had no time to think about how to deal with it. DS made up a story about a child in our group that ended up causing a bit of drama. It could have had much more serious repercussions, though. I posted about it in The Childhood Years board here:...
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