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im still here....not posting and keeping my mouth shut for the time being... hugs to everyone...
im still here... not in a good headspace yet....  not posting much  sorry..
2 skiens of yarn turned into a hat  2 skines of yarn turned into a scarf 2 skeins of yarn turned into a kiddo poncho 3 skiens sent out for swapping 1 skien given away (got yucky yarn in return from swap) 4 skiens given away- allergic to yarn from swap   +14   549/2014 $14.47     Evenutally the yarn items will be donated or gifted as holidays and b'days come around. but the first battle is the yarn... oh the yarn.
picked up an entire car load of homeschool supplies, most were junk, sorted in the parking lot once we got home. counting 150 as trash/recycle 50 as donation/sell   +200   535/2014 $14.47   went to half price books today, for a whopping $7 but hey...
Weather is nice here... no heat, no a/c... hoping for a decent electric bill this month. have to get rid of cable, its over $200 a month... need to transfer back to DTV as soon as i get a few dollars.   not much to be grateful for.   medical bills are killing me, even on state aid i have bills that are not covered (my choice but still(
8 balls of left over vanna yarn turned into a scrap blanket 9 balls of left over martha yarn turned into a scrap blanket   +17   335/2014 $7.47
counting 100 today, we were gifted very generoulsy a car load of Hs supplies however... trash, old notes and such are not useful... so i declutterd before even bringin them into the house +100   I have 3 boxes of materials we will not use ready for half price books this week!  2 boxes made it in the house!   318/2014 $7.47
Im here, dealing with personal stuff.  not in a good mental place right now. 
+9  to donations (and one box of that do recycle)     218/2014 $7.47
+40  from the pantry   209/2014 $7.47
New Posts  All Forums: