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I recently found out I am pregnant with our third--Yay!  But the midwife we worked with for our first two has retired and now I am in need of a new midwife.  We did homebirths for our first 2 and loved it, so we will probably do that again, but would consider a hospital birth if I really like the midwives.  Please tell me who you like, heard good things about.   Thank you :-)
Cat: awesome! When in August do you think you will be in Portland? All Pacific Northwesters: I am planning on visiting my family sometime this summer the live in West Linn--close to Wilsonville. I would totally be into a meetup :-)
Mine are 2.5 years apart. We started trying as soon as my cycles came back and got pregnant on the 5th cycle. By the time we started trying I was below my pre-preg weight and generally felt good about my body. I think there are benefits and disadvantages to having babies close in age. I am leaning towards having one more and would welcome another. But, I don't really expect to be fertile again until at least a year PP (it was like 17 months PP w/DD), but you never...
No AF yet here. It came back around 17-18 months PP with DD. DS is scooting (backwards) and pivoting around, but not crawling yet. I think it will happen soon though. Today he maneuvered himself over to the toys and pulled a bunch of them out. He then played contentedly by himself for quite a while.
I use FB to keep connected with old friends, distant friends and relatives.  I find it useful as my sister lives in England it is often hard for us to connect due to time differences and child schedules.  I don't actually post much, but do read other peoples posts and follow some post of a variety of companies I like.   Babies, I have definitely been thinking about it.  I might be crazy 
Just wanted to send some  all around.  
Last night DD had a fever, not super high, but was up a lot.  We actually had her just sleep with us, but still.  I would comfort her and then DS would want to nurse something like every hour.  Buuuut, I did get some sleep, which would not have happened if she had been in her own bed.  Today will be an extra coffee kind of day 
DS will be 6 months in about 1 week.  He can sit for a short period of time, but is not really interested in it.  Mostly he likes to be on his belly and is working really hard to get his knees under him in order to crawl.  He sooooo wants to crawl.  He is getting good at grabbing things and putting things in his mouth.  No real interest in foods yet, but I imagine he will be soon.  Don't have measurements yet and won't till the end of Feb, so he will be closer to 7...
Haven't so much had the backlip, but totally have the throwing toys off his tray!  Then he cries cause he *needs* his toy.  Not so sure if the throwing it is on purpose or an accident.  He bangs the toys for a long time before they "fall".
I read through your post again and I'm not sure if you were/are concerned about your baby not sleeping or that you needed more sleep.  If it is about you needing more sleep, which is very important for moms (and dads), then I have a couple of ideas that may help.  I don't have much advice about how to get a baby to sleep longer without waking/nursing frequently at night because both of my children were/are heavy nursers and nurse a lot at night.  I have not tried...
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