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Quote: Originally Posted by fullofgrace Ohhhh. I read most of every day now that I have my Kindle. Like you, I re-read several books. I want a Kindle....I'd still have books around the house though
I'll go first...I have a book going in every room in the house..the bathroom has poetry books, there a magazines in my bedroom and several novels. I just picked up Stephen King from the library and The Memoirs of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. I read all sorts of books...just read The Host and I've read the Twilights and more recently I read a few books by Richard North Patterson that I really enjoyed. I love Jane Austen and read something by her at least every week. ...
I have a question. How much and what do you read? I love to read and I read at least an hour every day... But I was talking to some writer friends and they said they don't have time to read. Really? Isn't that like a musician never listening to music? I can't imagine NOT reading. So How much and what do you read?
That is a great site! I've quit writing. Until April 1. My book is done. My new one is somewhat outlined. I'm starting Script Frenzy April 1 and the Writer's Village class on the 7th. I'm reading Under the Dome. See you in two weeks Seriously though...I'm taking a break..except for my blog. I need to grieve my book a little and paint my house. I might pop in to say hi occasionally
Who is on Author's Den? I just joined...wondering if you all are on there...social media for writers! I can't believe I didn't join before
Quote: Originally Posted by MommyHawk I have been MIA for a month now...had tons of paperwork and doctor stuff to do...now feeling the need to write coming back . Hope it gets so out of control again that I can't go a day without writing! LOVE that feeling... welcome to all new fellow writers I read and posted my critique for Miss Snark's First Victim and dare I say, it was way more fun than going to my actual critique group! I'm not sure how much...
Anybody doing scriptfrenzy? I've got the opportunity to write a screen play next year and I thought I would practice it this year..it's not something I've done before...
Yes, agreed. They pay me. It's great There is a place for those companies. I know a fellow who wrote his memoirs and he's paying to publish it to give a copy to each member of his family...he's got terminal cancer. I hope you get it done in time Widemouthfrog!
Here is something for the Canadians. I have nothing to submit but if I did I`d certainly give it a try! SIMON FRASER COMPETITION Let me know if you enter!
Quote: Originally Posted by midnightwriter How do they send royalties, quarterly, or more frequently? Yeah, I only found the name in connection to your poetry book. Yes and that's where I mention them online. They don't have an online presence.
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