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Quote: Originally Posted by Paigekitten I'm typing up a handwritten copy of my first draft so I can start editing it. I started another one, but the first one demanded to be worked on. They are both YA fantasy. My biggest problem is finding enough time to write all the scenes swirling around in my head. Constant dilemma here too...the key is not to panic..the good stuff will stick I'm deep in the final edit...two changes to two chapters...
Quote: Originally Posted by fullofgrace I'm outlining story idea number two. I thought I could just set it aside, but it keeps getting in the way of what I am currently trying to write, so I am giving in. lol I had to do the same thing..and it worked..... But I couldn't finish the first until I did that!
I have a writing job. I've been asked to write the memoirs for my friend's dad. He has terminal cancer. He wants to finish it before he passes He wrote it but English is his second language and he wants it fixed up for his family. It's a bittersweet job. But I'm touched she asked me. I meet him this week. Carolyn
I've been asked to be a regular on the radio program I was interviewed on the other night! So excited
Quote: Originally Posted by fullofgrace Heh. Yeah, my WIP does too. Who is your agent and your publishing house? ENNE Imprints. It's a Canadian company.
Quote: Originally Posted by fullofgrace Speaking of queries, literary agent Rachelle Gardner just tweeted she would do some query critiques: She is VERY active on Twitter with a lot of followers so she'll fill fast. Send yours quickly if you'd like it read! She is an agent at WordServe Literary, which represents books that have a Christian worldview. yeah..I follow her. My book is being published so I don't think I'll bother Thanks I...
Found it! I couldn't find my query! Here is my query/pitch from my novel It is a common belief throughout humankind that the universe operates as a coincidental mechanism without reason and that all of mankind wanders aimlessly, helter-skelter with no particular path. Yet all the major world belief systems speak of a force, a divine plan, some mysterious energy source that makes sense somewhere in infinity. What if they are all right? What if all of our lives are...
So...what's you all working on?
I'm liking Brizzly..I forgot to log on however but that's on me
Quote: Originally Posted by Irishmommy Yup. Dh had a female friend when we met, who was obviously (to me) wanting him for herself. Right from Day 1 she was trying to stake a claim she didn't have on him. They never kissed, she didn't call me a whore, but did come close. I did give dh an ultimatum, he chose me. He had another close female friend. She made a point of talking to me and letting me know that she was not a threat to our relationship. ...
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